Cannibal Kitchen: Severed Witch Fingers

“12 Days of Halloween”

Day 12

Sometimes it’s more about presentation than practicality. These “Severed Witch Fingers” however, work on both levels. There have been similar ideas to this floating around the interwebs now for ages, but these little gems are done Cannibal Kitchen style. They’re a kick to your salt cravings, all while tickling your sweet tooth. Such jerks huh! Plus, if you have extra, it’s really fun to hide them in your friends stuff or give them to random children.

Severed Witch Fingers


-1 Bag Large Pretzel Rods
-3 squares from a bar of Hershey Cookies and Cream Chocolate
-1 4 oz Nestles White Baking Chocolate
-Green food coloring
Melt Chocolate in a heatproof bowl for 1 minute, allow to cool slightly, and then tint withgreen food coloring. One at a time, dip about half of the pretzel rod into themelted chocolate. I personally really liked the consistency adding the Hershey’s chocolate gave the baking chocolate when melted. It almost took on a slight icing like consistency which was really easy to work with and get a nice thick coating on the pretzels. What I couldn’t roll, I used a fork to apply. Next, apply 1 almond to the tip of the pretzel and press into the chocolate. Place on a sheet or parchment paper and allow to cool until harden. Then let the festivities begin!

And as usual, have a Happy Goreified Food Packed Halloween from Lindsay Lohan, Silk Spectre, and Otis! See you all next month!