Cat in the Brain (1990)

God bless ya Lucio, I think you really were crazy..

Cat in the Brain (1990)
Directed By: Lucio Fulci (Zombie 2,The Beyond)

The Prologue
Lucio Fulci was known as the “Godfather of Gore” and rightfully so, I mean even if you didn’t really like the movie you could always get a kick out of the gore. However, that being said I have yet to really watch a movie by the man that I don’t at least half way enjoy. The Beyond was a very weird film and could be at times confusing but I still got a kick out of it. Zombie 2 on the other hand I thought was just GREAT.

So our good friends at Grindhouse Releasing has done it again and this time they have released Lucio’s Cat In The Brain (aka Nightmare Concert) in a full uncut form. A movie that many say is the goriest film of all-time..and we’ve all heard that before. So how does this film hold up with a reputation like that? And better yet, how well does this film hold up to Fulici’s other work?

The Movie
In Cat In The Brain Lucio Fulci (playing himself and he isn’t as bad as I feared he might be) plays a director that has finally snapped under all the visions of horror that he himself has created. Not knowing what else to do Fulci seeks the advice of a psychiatrist who ends up having some very horrific plans for the legendary director himself.

I hate using the same metaphor twice in the same month but this movie plays a lot like Eraserhead. And that’s a comparison that Lucio wanted and he sure goes out of his way to get it. And as a result it’s a film that at times goes all over the place making you wonder just what the heck is going on, a feeling you at times get with movies by Luico but it’s times ten this time around.

The gore is for sure here in many ways (I won’t count the fake looking cat at the start). We get gore from other films of Lucio and others edited into this one added in with the new stuff to just unleash a shower of red corn syrup to a point that it will make any horror loving gore fan happy. Also, intentional or not I dunno, we get a few comedic moments. And by now seeing many interviews by the man Lucio himself I think that was well intentional.

Awesome gore and sense of humor aside, this film is for sure a film that will take more than one viewing to understand..or at least understand a little better. I think you’ll catch a different thing that skipped under your radar from the previous time of viewing (I’ve now seen it twice). That being said I don’t think I’ve seen it enough to garner a real solid opinion of it just yet. See kids, while I love gore, and I dig the weird stuff, this movie at times get a little too weird for me. And the ending really was a bit of a cop-out.

The Conclusion
Maybe one day after seeing this movie more I’ll change my way of seeing it. For me now, while the gore is great as always when it comes to Lucio I think it just can’t compare to other works by this great director..But that’s by no means is me saying this is a “bad”’s just a little too much over my head.

And like I said above, the ending to me gave me just a “WHAT? That’s it??” reaction. Sure he’s gave us questionable endings before but this time around I just don’t think it worked because there was just too much more needing to be addressed.

The Rating (6/10)