Chaw (2009)

I hate when giant boars try to eat me. Don’t you?

Chaw (2009)

Directed By: Jeong-won Shin (Sisily 2km)

The Prologue
You just never know what you are going to get when dealing with foreign movies from Asia. And while I’m sure there are zillion of other movies from there that are more or less like what we have here in the states, if one starts to make noise over here you can usually bet it’s for a good reason. The film making some noise now is a little film called Chaw, a film that is a lot of different things all rolled into one. And while it’s a mixed bag, I can’t really complain about the results of it.

The Movie
So when a little town is terrorized by a giant man-eating boar (women-eating to, don’t want to sound sexist), a group of pretty weird people must join together and try to stop this boar’s rain of terror. What follows is a very funny (in the dark comedy way), exciting, and somewhat bloody experience that may not be for every single one of you out there, but a lot of you will love it for sure.

When trying to put into words what Chaw is like, it’s kinda hard to do. It’s sorta like what you’d get if Wes Anderson made a horror film. Only you sprinkle on some Asian humor here and there just for good measure. And while perhaps there are times the film kinda uses the same joke one too many times it is full of dry humor like you’d see in a film by Wes Anderson. Only, perhaps not as smart. Which isn’t that big of a complaint anyway.

As a matter of fact the only real problem I had with the film was that it at times did seem to drag just a bit. I get the feeling they were trying to make the film epic and it falls a little short of that. I think the ending was dragged on just a bit longer than it had any right to be, but there are plenty of good to go along with the little bad this film does. Like take the characters. They are highly weird, but they are also highly entertaining.

While there’s probably no other way to do a giant boar other than CGI, I’d have held out hope that the CGI would have been a lot better than it turns out being here. I’ve noticed in a lot of foreign films the CGI sometimes just seems painfully bad. Even the great Ichi The Killer they had this same problem and it’s clear here. I can deal with a CGI boar, I just wish we could have made it look a lot better than it does. Also the animation on the boar seems to be a little limited as well.

There’s a lot of random things tossed in just for the “WHAT?” factor I believe in this film. But added in with the dry humor and odd characters it makes this movie a lot of fun for the most part if you can get past is being dragged out just slightly longer than it should be. It’s for sure a film I’d want to show my friends and I think viewing it with a group may be the key to even more enjoyment with the movie.

The Conclusion
Very much worth checking out and maybe even owning if you have a collection of foreign films. I know the subtitles can be pains in the asses of many people but I do like to think it beats bad dubbing. Chaw is a very strange movie and it may not be for everyone if you can’t handle weird and dry films. But for the rest of you, I think you’ll welcome it with open arms.

The Rating (7/10)