Chiller (1985)

WTF is this mess, Wes??!

Chiller (1985)
Directed By: Wes Craven (Deadly Blessing)

The Prologue
If there’s a black sheep in the list of movies directed by the horror directing legend Wes Craven it would be this made for TV movie from 1985 called Chiller. A film that just seems to be kinda “there” by all means from the opening to the closing. While I have no idea for sure I’d say Wes did this for the money, sadly however The Hills Have Eyes 2 would follow so maybe he was just in a bit of slump? Either way, on with the review!

The Movie
Corporate exec Miles Creighton dies, and is cryogenically frozen in the hopes that he can be revived. 10 years later, the procedure is a success, and Miles returns but he seems to be missing his soul. I also think he’s lacking any charisma or any other tool needed to keep you at all interested in this terrible boring film. What we get here in probably the worst made for TV horror film I’ve seen since Killdozer.

This movie is BAD my friend. I bet if you asked Wes Craven today he’d even tell you it’s bad himself. The movie takes it time from the start and never does pick up steam. It even lacks any signatures at all from the famous director. It’s a dull movie, with a dull plot, and very dull acting all around. In the 80 minutes this movie runs I believe just one person and a dog dies, but it’s made for TV so it’s without any sort of gore to go along with it.

If anything Chiller could have been cut in half and come across much better as a 30 minute episode for Tales From The Darkside. I think it would have worked ok to have trimmed the fat and had it just been there. There’s just not enough action or story here to stretch it for a full length film but I’ll be damn if that’s not just what they do here. I’ve heard a few people call this movie creepy but I just can not see it as creepy. I see it as dull and boring.

I know some people want to say this movie is “Ok” for a TV movie but I won’t give it a pass for that, not at all. Wes Craven knows how to make even bad films seem better than they are. He’s clearly not even trying when it comes to Chiller. A proper name since the film is a frozen turd if there ever was one. Maybe the writer of the film had a good message in mind with the after life and all that good stuff, and that’s fine and dandy. It’s just it doesn’t come across well at all..Not one bit.

The Conclusion
Skip, skip, SKIP it my friends! Flush the toilet! This one is a dud and probably the worst movie Wes Craven has ever made. There’s a reason you never hear anyone bring up Chiller when talking about Craven and now I know why and hopefully after reading this you’ll know why as well.

The Rating (3.5/10)