Chuck Conry …is DEAD! Download NOW

Love it or hate it, it’s that new album I’ve been spamming you guys about! The subject this time around takes a bit of a mental and religious turn however. Also, some senseless violence is tossed in for good measure. 

…is DEAD! (2011)
01: Afterlife (Intro) 02: DeepThroat (Or How I Learned Jimmy Was Full of Shit) 03: Henry 04: #TigerBlood 05: Harlots 06: — In Heaven Intermission — 07: Martyr 08: Hopeless 09: Things to Do While Rapping in Tennessee 10: Rosebud 11: If Sex Doesn’t Scare the Cat (U’re Not Doing it Right) (Bonus Track) 12: TXT Message (Bonus Track)
*when album downloads, right click and unzip*