Close Encounters With Cannibal Kitchen

So this is what I would like to call a segment of “Hey, I like awesome stuff, you should too”.

After a long hard day of eating the brains of Cubs fans and bathing in the blood of virgins I came home and stumbled upon a package. My initial thought was, ” Oh wow the USPS actually delivered something, and it doesn’t look like it was ran over, set on fire, or spit on…cool”. Once I got over that initial shock, I got pretty excited because I knew the item in the box was something I had been gushing over for weeks now.

Now if you know me at all, not a whole lot excites me. Toys and packages on the other hand, let’s just say I flew up to my apartment and ripped this box open like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

I first came across the Zombie Zoo product line weeks ago when Chuck pretty much text message slapped me and said “hey go check these out, they’re pretty great”. He was right, and I instantly fell in love with “Boo” the zombied out black cat. I had to have it, and as you can tell in the picture I now do.

Not into the black cat idea, no problem, this zombied out zoo party also consist of a monkey, pig, rabbit, and snake. All equally adorable in a twisted kind of way, and if you’re as greedy as I am, you’ll probably just have to own them all.

So hurry! Run, skip, get a faster Internet connection, and head on over to the ZombieZoo website and get your hands on a Zombie pet you can cuddle and not have to do the dirty work of burying it in the “Pet Cemetery” first.