Cover Art pt.4: When The Art Is A Phototshop of Horrors

Well we’ve looked a different stages of horror VHS/DVD art and now with this last look at it we are in current times. And in a time where DVD is on the way out and Blu Ray is on it’s way in you’ll notice that now more than ever companies are using the power of photoshop to grab the attention of the viewers.

Every day a new photo manipulation tool comes out, and Hollywood has it’s clickers all over it. It doesn’t take a long look to notice that computer altered imaged are head and heels above what they were back in the day. The covers now go hand in hand with the CGI in the movies to just give you something that stands out or grabs your attention..Like seeing the head ripped off the Statue of Liberty with the Cloverfield cover. It wouldn’t have looked like this in the 80’s. Also take a look what current photoshop programs did for Romero’s Land of the Dead? Where more classic art was used for his movies in the past his more current film sure got a more current styled cover didn’t it?

Just anything cool looking and shiny is what they are going for to get us to by their products. Sex appeal is just as big as blood now days when it comes to trying to persuade the buyer to buy in to what they are trying to sale. I mean just look here, what makes you want to buy Jennifer’s Body? I bet it’s not the plot is it? The only thing that stands our more than Megan Fox here is the photo enhancement work.

A good job with the mouse can make just about anything look better, take for instance House of Wax. Maybe it was more of the death of Paris Hilton in it that sold the film, but you have to admit the cover looks cool even with the movie being a total stinker. Cool computer skills are used now days to make a ton of crappy movies seem oh soo much better.

So see kids? You don’t really need a good movie to get noticed now days..just good photoshop skills!..And that’s not a knock to every movie shown here as I happen to like both Cloverfield and Land of the Dead. But you gotta agree these things are all a sign of the times in horror/film.