Creep Creepersin's Frankenstein (2009)

More style than substance, but not horrible.

Creep Creepersin’s Frankenstein (2009)
Directed By: Creep Creepersin

The Prologue
So for today the fine folks over at MVD have supplied me with a film by musician/director Creep Creepersin, with his rather short-ish film, Creep Creepersin’s Frankenstein. I think we can all agree that the story and whole idea of Frankenstein has been done to death, but this time around at least it’s something a little different. I don’t think I’d be giving too much away to say that in this particular film, Frankenstein, is a pet rat. See there? When’s the last time Frankenstein has been a rat? And if I may get side-tracked a moment, can you believe how many people think the Monster’s name is actually Frankenstein in the old movies?? It was the doctor that was Frankenstein, not the monster! Ok, Ok, rant over. Let’s get on with Creep Creepersin’s Frankenstein.

The Movie
Victor, pretty much lives alone. Well, he lives upstairs at a place with his pet rat Frankenstein, who he talks to. Other than that he just eats eggs and watches old horror movies that are all conventionality in the public domain and thus we see a lot of them. Perhaps he just owns one or two of those 50 movie packs from Walmart? Regardless, Victor is what you might call “special”. He’s what I’d call retarded but I’m not sure its PC to say that term any longer, even online in a movie blog. Anyway, Victor just wants a friend but he lacks social skills, even worse he hears voices and is haunted by his dead mother. One night after seeing Frankenstein on TV, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He’ll kill someone and make his own friend. That’s always a good idea, right?

As I touched on before, this film isn’t very long at all, it’s maybe an hour tops. Now you might think due to that things would roll along rather quickly, not necessarily the case. Things still find a way to drag here and there and I also found things to repeat themselves a little too much. There’s only soo many conversations with rats and visuals of someone eating scrambled eggs that a person can take before they get a little bored with the overall product. While I appreciate the slow burn from time to time, and I like small details as well, I really really just wanted this mofo to kill someone already at one point.

But not all is lost with Creep Creepersin’s Frankenstein. The films intertwines clips from the old school horror films that Victor is watching from time to time and they seem to cleverly mirror what the mood or emotion of Victor is at the time in the film. Also, while kinda cheesy, you also get some rather cool old school flavor with some of the effects in the film. It becomes pretty easy to tell that Creep Creepersin has a very odd sense of humor. That does help things at times as well. While morally wrong, it’s a hoot to see Victor’s dead mother taunting him about his manliness..or lack there of.

I guess one could say that overall Creep Creepersin’s Frankenstein tells a story of loneliness and while it’s a bit slow and pointless in other aspects, it doesn’t hang around long enough to be too painful of a watch. I at least think it’s a clever-ish take on the whole Frankenstein story, and it looks OK for what it is and has some style. It just lacks a little steak to the sizzle. So if you pick to watch this one it won’t be a total loss on your part. But it probably won’t be anything you remember in an hour after you see it either. So if you are bored and got an hour to kill, why not?

The Conclusion
The film may be short, but it does have a making of feature that is also on the disc that kinda makes up for the shortness, as it’s rather entertaining in it’s own right. If you want to take a new look at an old story, you can get Creep Creepersin’s Frankenstein from the always kinda folks over at MVD. Who feature this and a whole lot more.

The Rating (5.5/10)