Crystal Lake's Favorite Serial Killer Is Coming To ZDR And Horrorphilia!

This Thursday, I will be taking part once again in the Horrorphilia Podcast and we will be recording a show that covers every single Friday the 13th film ever freakin made! Also on that very night the winner of the big Friday the 13th/50th Episode contest will be drawn! You still have time to enter so here’s the info on that..

To enter contest all you have to do is email us at with subject line of “Jason is my daddy” For two entries into the contest send us a voicemail about anything you want to talk about including how awesome the podcast is at phone number 512-524-7817. There will be one grand prize winner and previou…s contest winners are not excluded. Drawing will be held on September 30th.

Now the Podcast usually airs every other Tuesday on Horrorphilia so I’m not 100% sure which date the show will be up, BUT I can assure you that the very week it does I will inform you and after you’re finished listening to what I assume will be a very long and entertaining show, you can click back here as I spend the week posting written reviews for every single Friday the 13th film ever made as well! That’s both joy and torment for me folks, as I love the character and some of the movies, but some are just..eek!

Either way, brace yourself for a whole lot of Jason really really soon!