Dawning (2009)

Yet another reason to stay the hell out of the woods!

Dawning (2009)
Directed By: Gregg Holtgrewe (Unhinged)

The Prologue
After doing research like I always do before reviewing a film, I found out that Dawning was actually a remake. The original Dawning came out in 2005. Now I have no idea why the movie was remade, under the same director no less but after watching the 2009 version I can say I don’t mind at all that it was because the original would have a hard task to top this. Creepy, interesting, and scary are hard things to master but Gregg Holtgrewe does a fantastic job doing just that, and making it all gel really well here.

The Movie
In Dawning we follow a brother and sister (Chris and Aurora, I love that name) as they go off into a well wooded area to spend time with their father and stepmother. Now right off the bat you’ll notice they are having tons of problems and issues between themselves, but there’s an even greater problem lurking in those woods. From that point you’ll sit and watch as the characters have their worst fears come true right in front of you on the screen. If I haven’t said it already, and I may even say it again later, Dawning was one of THE best films of the year.

I can honestly say guys that after watching Dawning I have no idea what I just seen but I greatly enjoyed it. Dawning is 80 minutes of suspense and creepiness that may leave you with more questions than answers but it’ll keep you guessing and biting your nails the whole time. The film, to spite being beautifully shot with great scenery and the shot techniques that are visually very cool, hits you with a feeling of doom and gloom through it all, almost as soon as the film starts.

You get a major Night of the Living Dead vibe as this fighting family is stuck inside a house in the middle of nowhere and the situation goes from bad, to weird, to worse. Not only do they have their own inner problems that cause things to fall apart between them and cause them to lose control of this situation,  they end up with an extra guest in the house as well as whatever is out there. And whatever that is sure doesn’t want them to work anything out as weird things that make matters worse happen and seem to be brought out by the presence of whatever that is. As I said above, this movie is one to surely keep you guessing long after the movie ends as I sit here writing this still trying to piece together what I saw with some more of explanation. I really hope a lot of you seek out this film and get to watch it because I’d love to hear some feedback from you on just what you make out of this thing.

Is it the bloodiest film out there? No, it’s way more psychological. The acting is good and it comes off very realistic as very normal looking folks are tossed in a very strange and weird situation to say the least. It for sure gets my vote for original as I get a breath of fresh air every time I come across something as different and fun (yet depressing) as this film right here. You may not be able to figure it all out on a first time viewing, or you may not be able to every fully get the answers you are looking for when it comes to Dawning. But one thing is for sure. You’ll KNOW you have seen something really awesome by the time it ends.

The Conclusion
Gang I will happily suggest that you all watch Dawning. It may be a bit of a trip but it’s a very interesting one that makes you jumpy and question just what you are seeing. Now it’s not a fast moving film but it’s creepy enough to keep you hooked without getting bored. On a side note I know a girl who looks just like the actress that plays Aurora (Najarra Townsend). I mean they are just the same on every facial feature, that creeped me out a lot while watching.

The Rating (7.5/10)

UPDATE: 05/24/11
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