Dear Santa, Now That Thanksgiving is Over….

I come to you tonight in the wee hours of the morning, on the morning after Thanksgiving..known to you all as Black Friday! And since I’m not setting in some parking lot or standing in line at Wal*Mart hoping I’m standing next to the tarp hidden display I’m there looking for, I decided to just get right down to the Christmas hype..since everyone pretty much already started weeks ago.

Now one reason I’m writing this is because Christmas time is coming and thus means the time of the year when I add the most new additions to my horror collection! See my family know I’m into horror movies but sadly they tend to only bring in the more mainstream stuff if they buy me a DVD, so they’ve learned to give me money/giftcards..which a lot of people do now days. As a result I buy my own stuff and thus usually end up with just what I was wanting.

Last year a good portion of my funds went to NBA Live 09 as well as Wrestling DVDs but in the end I ended up adding such titles as The Beyond, the original Black Christmas, Tenebre, Poultrygeist, and Sleepaway Camp. So needless to say I ended up being a very happy man. But THIS year they’ll be no video games, they’ll be no with that said, just what is on my list?

I’ve already stated in past posts that I’m gunning for both Night of the Creeps, and the Silent Night, Deadly Night box set which has part 3-5 in it. The other DVDs I got at the top of my list start with your old school slashers and runs right up into a little something that may be considered perhaps more sinister..

The Burning
Yep, I saw the raft scene on the “Going to Pieces” documentary and said “What is THS??” after Googling the phrase “Horror movie where killer uses garden shears” I finally found out the movie was The Burning.  How this one ever got past me all these years I have nooo freakin’ clue but up until a few weeks ago I had never really heard of it. I’ve seen the DVD out there but never paid it much attention. Also as a nice bonus with it, it’s pretty damn cheap..

The Prowler
Needless to say I’m buying this one for the Tom Savini effects. I’ve always been a fan of the man’s work and they are on display in this little number. Oddly enough I’ve already ordered this movie and while on the phone with my local DVD store, I was informed there were TWO versions of this on DVD. Thing is, both are the freakin’ same..just the older one is around 20 bucks while the newer print of it is around 15. After being asked which one I wanted the conversation went like this, “Sir does it matter which one?”, “Um..Your sure they are both the same?”, “I’m pretty sure of it.”, “Yeeeah I’ll take the cheaper one.”..He seemed shocked..why would I take the higher priced one when both are the same??

When I brought this movie up during Thanksgiving only one person…my dear ol’ Uncle, even knew what the hell I was talking about, God bless him. This was the ONLY movie I brought up he knew of but regardless..A great thing happened this July. See Blue Underground put out a brand new edition of this on DVD. Up until that point the only uncut version out was by Anchor Bay, that had came out in 2000 but was sadly out of print, thus allowing for people who had a copy of it to charge up to 40 bucks for it..and I REFUSED to pay that much. Now thanks to Blue Underground, I’m paying around 15.

Combat Shock
Now we get into the weird stuff folks as this will be about the third Christmas in a roll I add a Troma DVD to the collection. I’ve never seen this movie, I’m not 100% sure what it’s about but I keep hearing it’s name pop up over, and over, and over. From what I’ve heard it’s a bit “out there” and pretty gory which means it’ll be right up my alley. While a lot of folks don’t like buying DVDs of stuff they’ve only heard about, I like taking risks myself. And I’m taking one on this movie in December.

Faces of Death
Here we are dealing with a movie I’ve seen on the shelves a zillion times in my life and have never even felt the slightest urge to rent it. When I was young I’d hear about how everything in this movie was “real” and I wanted no part of it. I had a Step Brother who had a couple of the scenes on his computer and after seeing them it sure looked real to my then teenage eyes. But after learning a good part of the stuff here is nothing more than fake I feel it’s time to add it to the collection. And what better version to add than the new Special Edition? This could be one I come to regret..if anyone wants to try to talk me out of it, NOW would be the time.