Demon Seed (1977)

I’m sorry I just couldn’t get into a Super Computer knocking up a woman

Demon Seed (1977)
Directed By: Donald Cammell (Wild Side)

The Prologue
I think the creature of Demon Seed was probably on drugs. Even worse, they were probably a BIG fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I bet while coming up with the idea they were at the height of a drug overload and was thinking, “Dude!..What if HAL from 2001 knocked up a woman!!??” and thus Demon Seed was born. Don’t get it wrong, I like the classics..I really do. But I just can’t dig this no matter how weird it gets.

The Movie
A scientist creates Proteus an organic super computer with artificial intelligence which becomes obsessed with human beings, and in particular the creators wife. So the computer being all smart and all decides to come up with a plan to trap the woman in the house and knock her up so she can give birth to it’s child!! Oh lordy lordy I wish it was as good as it probably sounds…But it isn’t.

The film Demon Seed looks every bit as old school as it is. You can just get that 1970’s vibe from it. It also comes with the slow moving method that a lot of films from that time period have. Sadly however, unlike a lot of other films from then it just doesn’t have anything good to keep you interested outside of just a few cool looking old school effects. Effects that most folks will call corny today I’m sure.

In a lot of ways I almost feel the film’s plot of a robot holding a woman against her will and forcing her to bare his child could be some form of social commentary dealing with the old school ways of men and woman and the iron fist method of husbands from long ago..But I somehow just assume it’s nowhere near that deep and it is to be taken just how it is. A super computer doing very bastard-like things.

Of course when the film get to it’s “money shot” at the end (get it?? Money shot?? Ok, never mind) the results are probably more funny than they are shocking. More silly than they are frightening. But weird regardless and should leave you to meeting the images I’m talking about with either mad laughter or a very strange facial expressions. I had the later myself.

Outside just the silly plot, I found the film to be lacking any real emotions (not counting Julie Christie) in the acting and felt it dragged on for far too long and seemed to last just too long all together with me. I know it’s different strokes for different folks and all that but I think those of you that actually like this will be in the minority.

The Conclusion
Well..apparently this is a cult classic. How it got to that level I don’t know but if Plan 9 from Outter Space can gather a group of people that like it I suppose there is hope for every film out there both bad and good. Even IMDB gives this thing an average rating of 6.2 but what do the people that lurk there know anyway? I’d say skip it!

The Rating (4/10)