Demonic Toys 2 (2010)

Well..I still at least like the baby doll!

Demonic Toys 2 (2010)
Directed By: William Butler (Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust)

The Prologue
The Demonic Toys is an odd horror franchise. I remember renting the very first one way back in 1992 on VHS at my local video store (if you don’t know what VHS is I hate you) and from what I recall I did like it. The funny thing is Full Moon went on to do a few crossovers with the toys having them face both Dollman and the Muppet Master toys before finally in 2010 getting a sequel of it’s own in Demonic Toys 2. Which is kinda Demonic Toys 4 by now but I guess it doesn’t matter. I was very happy to review this film because I love Full Moon, always have. I just wish the movie had been better.

The Movie
Dr. Lorca from the Full Moon film Hideous! returns once again on a quest to collect strange oddities. This time around however it leads him to a nine hundred year old Italian castle when he and the folks there with him accidentally set for the events that unleash the Demonic Toys once again! However it’s just two of the old school Demonic Toys. All that remains from the last film is Baby Oospie Daisy and the Jack in the Box, pardon me if I don’t know his name..I THINK it was Jack Attack? There’s also a new possessed toy called Divoletto that plays a major role in the plot! Now I say he’s new, but for all I know he may have popped up in a Full Moon movie before, I’m a little behind.

Now let’s be upfront, gang. This movie won’t be winning a single award. It’s always fun to watch  a Full Moon movie but this time here things just don’t turn out for the best in anyway, shape, or form. The plot here is pretty cookie cutter and very simple. Lorca wants the Divoletto toy to add to his collection. This leads him to an old castle held up by a girl named Caitlin who is selling the toy. He already has the remains of the Demonic Toys and when the two come in contact they are brought back to life. Only there also a supernatural element that we see in the form of bright purple CGI clouds of light that add to the mix. I’d not be shocked if Full Moon makes a movie later about the haunted castle.

One major beef I have with this film is the bad CGI. I can life with the purple cloud, I can live with the one dimensional characters, but I have trouble dealing with CGI gore that looks like a cartoon or a low budget Pixar. There could be cool gore here if they had went the natural route. We have a cool decapitation that gets messed up due to CGI. Any moments with natural gore effects are good but the CGI is just too obvious to not affect the overall mood of the film. It may be quicker, it may even be cheaper, but it doesn’t make the movie better at all having CGI.

One thing I did like was Baby OOospie Daisy. I guess some could get a little tired of his Mafia act but I think he’s funny for the most part. The Jack Attack or Jack in the Box or whatever you want to call him is fine and dandy to. I do however wish we had Mr.Static or Grizzly back. I guess it’s good not to always have all the toys and I think for a moment we see the remains of them in the box that holds the toys but still you just kinda wish they were there to.

Now you can’t be too hard on low budget horror. Sure you wish some things were different or better but you really need to just accept a few things for what they are. That being said, the anti-climatic end kinda bugs me. It just seems all to easy to wrap up and I think more of a struggle or a body count could have help matters a lot. It’s okay to be low budget, it’s bad to actually look that way at the end of the day. I know Full Moon can still make very watchable movies, Killer Bong was even fun. Demonic Toys 2 however just seems to be really uninspired.

The Conclusion

I wasn’t a fan of this one my friends. I like Full Moon, and you can get this at Full Moon Direct if you want it, but I just didn’t dig this. If you have pretty fond memories of the original don’t look for this to match it in quality. 1992 was a long time ago but I’d probably still take that over this anytime.

The Rating (4/10)