Ding Dong Dead (2011)

Ding Dong Dumb..

Ding Dong Dead (2011)
Directed By: Creep Creepersin (He)

The Prologue
My dealing with films by Creep Creeprsin has been a love/hate sorta thing. I thought his Frankenstein movie was OK, I didn’t really care for He, and I actually like Corporate Cutthroat Massacre. But now with, Ding Dong Dead, I’m afraid he has went back to everything I disliked about He. And I hate to roll out the hate parade but the only film by this guy that I’ve really liked was the film were he seemed to step out of his usual format and do something at least a little different. So be ready, because I’m about to pour a nice tall glass of hater-aid.

The Movie
So we have a real creepy dude named, Doug, who just lost is his job and has an odd thing for the girl across the street. His neighborhood starts being “terrorized” (that’s too strong of a word) by a female group called the D.D.s or Ding Dongs who are all grown women who play “Ding Dong Dash” on people. Which for those of you over the age of five means they ring door bells and run away. So they target Doug and when things get out of hand it sets off what the DVD case calls a war but it’s really more like a “poof!”..About as exciting as well.

The lead in this movie is played by Luke Y. Thompson who is a film critic. He’s keeping the tradition of movie reviewers being in (and usually making however this time one didn’t make this) crappy movies alive and well. He is probably one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever seen in a movie. And I’m not sure if he’s acting or not but it’s horrible. And having someone like this on screen is a bad bad BAD idea when you take into consideration that this person is pretty much 95% of the film. It made for a very annoying movie experience.

Also should I note this movie is about a game of ringing a door bell and running away gone bad?? It’s such a weak and thin plot. Paper is thicker and has more hold while wet than this plot does as it unfolds on screen. While I admit some of the ladies in this D.D. gang aren’t too bad at what they are doing, it’s just all soo stupid and silly you can’t hardly notice any talent in the ladies, you just notice how ridiculous everything going on truly is. And what on Earth is up with Creepersin and his food fetish? Must everyone be involved in long pointless shots of someone eating? Creepersin is to food what QT is to feet..And NO, that isn’t at all a compliment.

The movie is short but felt like it could have been shorter if you tighten up all the awkward and pointless lingering shots. It’s truly an example of trying to fit ten pounds of shit in a two pound bad. If The Corporate Cutthroat Massacre was a giant step in the right direction for director Creep Creepersin, then this film here was one giant fall back down a few pegs. It was a lot like his film “He” in style and I found it very disappointing. It’s silly, pointless, and unrewarding. As short as it was I found it hard to finish and that is saying a lot. Definitely not a movie for movie fans who likes their films to have a purpose and point.

The Conclusion
I soo was not feeling this one at all. The female gang was the best part of it, but still at the end of the day all they are doing is ringing door bells like three year olds. But if you think you might feel better about this one than I do you can PICK IT UP BY CLICKING HERE and have fun with that my friends.  

The Rating (3/10)