Dread (2009)


Dread (2009)
Directed By: Anthony DiBlasi

The Prologue
So we are on the subject of dread in the movie Dread? And if one would ask me, just what is it I dread the most?? We’ll I don’t know, I dread a lot of things. I dread getting up before noon. I dread being asked to try someone’s meatloaf. I dread watching films that I just have a feeling are going to suck. I mean really, the list can go on and on but good luck to this movie for trying to find something horrible enough to justify a movie on the subject.

None the less, I hope all you fans of Twilight‘s Jasper watch this! And I hope you cry rivers.

The Movie
Three college students set out to document what other people dread most. Which means we get the kid from the Twilight stuff that plays Jasper making that same damn face he seems to always make when things get tense. I believe that might be his “serious” actor face but don’t hold me to that one.

So Stephen is a pretty boring guy to say the least. He’s also a film student and one fateful day he bumps into Quaid and ignoring the fact that Quaid seems to be a few fries short of a happy meal he becomes friends with the guy and this leads to them wanting to make a film based on what people dread, and this pulls along Stephan’s friend Abby who has a birth mark that starts at the side of her face and runs down the whole side of her body and Cheryl who Stephen likes and oh by the way, she doesn’t eat mean…Keep that in mind for later.

The movie starts off well enough as we see just why Quaid is as messed up in the head as he is. The man has been through a great deal seeing both his parents get murdered at a young age by some dude with an ax. This leads to a very bloody and brutal start to the film and introduces us to an ax p.o.v. camera shot that is a little odd but okay none the less.

It’s after that point that things slooooow down. Sure we see some freak out moments from Quaid once he gets off his meds. We learn what Stephen dreads the most and we don’t get much else. As many of the people that they interview for the student film don’t really seem to hold your attention too well, Oh and I hate to just nitpick but the girl with the birth mark has the fakest looking birthmark I have ever seen. Want the same effect? Get some black paint and paint yourself up..Same difference here.

While the middle drags and gets pretty silly I think the end picks up just enough just to make the movie watchable. There’s some pretty gross and shocking things that do go down in our final act that are missing in the middle greatly. So what we get left with is a strong start and finish with nothing in the middle. A slow middle that may make you “dread” watching it…See what I did there?? “Dread” watching it??

The Conclusion
Well if you can sit through the middle part of this film it isn’t horrible per say. It’s got a good bloody start and a pretty eye opening end but I just don’t see many folks singing the praise of this film in the long run.

But good enough for one watch none the less.

The Rating (6.5/10)