Dream Reaper (2006)

Ninjas, Reapers, and Masturbation! 

Dream Reaper (2006)
Directed By: Kevin Strange (CockHammer)

The Prologue
Well we keep checking out the works of Hack Movies today as today we come across the very first movie made by Kevin Strange, Dream Reaper. And as you can guess with a company that right now with their bigger projects don’t have much money to work with, it pretty much is nothing as far as a budget for their first film.

But if you can get past the cheap factor of it, it’s not that bad really. You got to at least respect it for what it is and after seeing this and all the movies they are making now days I can say they have sure came a long long way.

The Movie
The Greatest Rock n’ Roll band ever, Dream Reaper, must defend their awesomeness against a force from the nether realm so ridiculous that you have to see it to believe it!..And in a moment I found really funny I myself tried to make a movie in 2003 and at one point The Devil shows up in it wearing pretty much the same costume that The Dream Reaper wears in this, so I can relate to what they were trying to do and the burden it is not having any money to do it.

And while the movie still has some funny moments like all Hack Movies and some pretty funny dialogue there are just some elements of it that is very hard to get past. Like for one I’m pretty sure most the blood in this one was Kool-Aid!..There’s a little syrup for blood but most seems to be Kool-Aid..but hey, like they say..the movie had no budget!

The crude humor is high here as well as every cast member simulates masturbation at least once (never thought I’d say that in a review lol) and each band member besides the girl has a name that is a reference to a penis! (Willie, Dick, Peter, Wang) Also as you can guess with a name like Dream Reaper there are more than a couple references to A Nightmare on Elm Street that take place in the movie but they are pretty low key.

The band element to this movie is pretty funny as I’ve seen many band practices and while it usually isn’t to this extreme you do see the types of interaction going on between band members that the band “Dream Reaper” have in this so that’s a plus right there. However I’ve yet to see any band I know want to sing about sea monsters but I guess anything is possible right?? It was suppose to be a metal band after all.

The Conclusion
I like these guys and I still find some pretty funny parts in this movie but it’s by far their less effective film, probably do to it being the very fist one as far as I’m aware.

Still at least they got a cool intro from Troma‘s Lloyd Kaufman on the DVD!

The Rating (3/10)