Dressed To Kill: Coolest Looking Slashers (part.1)

They stalk you in the woods, they stalk you in the city, they stalk you in the areas you have no business being in to start with. Check out the first part of the countdown as we check out the 10 coolest looking slashers of all-time!

Now before I get started here there will be NO Freddy Krueger on this list. Let me explain why now so that maybe we can go ahead and get past any comments or e-mails cussing me and cursing my first born for leaving the man off. For this is a list of “Slashers” I’m dealing with traditional slashers, so people who come to you in your sleep and have powers of the paranormal (i.e. sucking you into a video-game) don’t count. Now had this been the coolest looking horror films villains in general rest a sure he’d be high on the list….Now with that out of the way…

10: “Ronald Reagan” The Tripper
Kicking the list off we got the Ronald Reagan-obsessed psycho from “The Tripper”. Some might think the movie is lacking over-all but you can’t go wrong with a Regan look alike swinging an axe! Makes you wonder if years from now we’ll get a movie with an axe swinging Obama.

09: “Masked Killer” Torso
What we have here is simple yet effective folks! You might recall the similar look of the killer in that terrible movie “Cry_Wolf”, this is where they got the look I’m sure. However this film does the Ski Mask look right. A look we even see a bit in “Maniac”

08: “Captain Spaulding” House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil’s Rejects
Now for most people the simple fact this man is a clown is enough to freak them out, cause for some odd reason a lotta folks tend to have a fear of clowns. And while Spaulding doesn’t do a lot of Slashing himself, he does for sure get the cool points for his look in the two films.

07: “The Miner/Harry Warden” My Bloody Valentine
Who would have thought the Coal Miner stuff would come across so creepy? No matter if it stays in the mines or comes out into the rest of the world it’s pretty darn good fun watching a Miner slash and dice his way through a small town.

06: “The Prowler” The Prowler
Now it looks like this one would have trouble even seeing who he is after but somehow like a real trooper this old World War II get-up is made to work very well thanks the mad man behind it. I mean come on, could you get around smoothly in this??

Well there’s 10-6, later on we will finish this baby up with a few more familiar faces.