Dressed To Kill: Coolest Looking Slashers (part.2)

Well welcome back! This time around we finish off our Top 10 with a few more recognizable slashers. Will you agree?? Will you complain?? Will you even care??!!..Lets see shall we?

05: Billy/Santa “Silent Night, Deadly Night”
We’ve seen the Santa look in “Christmas Evil”, we seen the look more recently with the awful remake of “Black Christmas” but lets give credit to the movie that made it a cool thing to do and that was “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. The movie that put the idea in little kid’s head’s that if they are “Naughty” they just might get hung up on some antlers.

04: Leatherface “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
It doesn’t matter if Leatherface is rocking the Butcher threads and the tie, or if he’s rocking the old suit (we won’t count the later cross dressing) Ol’ Leatherface sure has some awesome vibes around him now doesn’t he? Top it all off with the mask made of flesh and we got a combo and made it’s way into cult icon status!

03: Ghostface “Scream”
The same person never wears the “Ghostface” outfit twice but the look of it none the less is the selling point. Now days this little black cloak and ghostly mask are seen just as much as any other costume you’ll see on Halloween. Heck, I even own one.

02: Michael Myers “Halloween”
It’s amazing what repainting a William Shatner mask can do isn’t it? This movie became the begin all, end all of slasher films not because of gore but on sheer terror and thrills and this blank expression you see on Micheal’s face with this mask is at the forefront of that. Sure, it wasn’t the first slasher but it was the most influential and it’s what made everyone who made a horror films try to find something to stand out on their killer in the way Myer’s mask stood out on him.

01: Jason Voorhees “Friday the 13th”
Originally made just to case in on the success of “Halloween”, “Friday the 13th” would go on to make a name for it’s self. And it took til Part 2 to get Jason as the killer and it then took to Part 3 to get Jason to take off the Elephant Man sack on his head (which was cool in it’s self) to the Hockey Mask we’ve grown to love today. Odds are if you love horror you own this mask, no matter if it be a cheap one, a glow in the dark version, or one of the high dollar movie style ones. Every year just as sure as you can count on trick or treaters for Halloween you can count on someone being Jason, and who could blame them? And for that Jason takes the top spot!

So now since that’s out of the way..Agree?