Drive-In Massacre (1977)

Well, it could have used a thing or two..

Drive-In Massacre (1977)
Directed By: Stu Segall
Where to get it: Cheezy Flicks

The Prologue
With the recent news of a new Drive-In Massacre being made ( Not100% sure if it’s a remake), one can’t forget about the older Driver-In Massacre from 1977. Which thanks to the nice folks over at Cheezy Flicks we can now all experience the original film for the low low price of $2.99. With that being the case, one would find it hard to argue that the film isn’t at least worth checking out for a price like that. Of course, the film does lack in a few areas (or more than a few areas), but there is also a few things that are better than you might expect from a film like this, from a time period like this. So, let’s get the windows all fogged up and check out Stu Segall’s Drive In Massacre.

The Movie
On August 19th in a California drive-in the senseless killings began. A restless crowd and a cheezy double feature lead to two brutal killings at a drive-in!  Detective Koch and O’Leary assemble a mixed cast of suspects that would make even Charlie Chan cringe.  Is it the deranged knife-thrower, the foul-mouthed bigot, the projectionist, the janitor or the pathetic voyeur?  Cold razor-sharp steel slices through warm flesh and hot blood squirts over the screen as patrons are splattered across the hoods of cars and even dismembered at the concession stand!

When this movie started off, I wasn’t think it was much to look at. Then someone loses a head and it was from that very moment that I realized that I was in for a fun ride with a bad movie. And really that is just what this movie is, it’s bad movie fun. And on a plus side to that, we have a lot more gore than I figured we’d have with this and it was greatly wanted and appreciated. And overall, to spite it’s flaws it’s a slasher film that could hold it’s own with a lot of more well known slasher films from the 70’s and 80’s. And to be honest, it’s a lot better than a lot of the crap from the early 90’s.

Now one place this movie could have improved a lot is the fact we don’t have a female lead to cling onto. In these types of movies, it never hurts to have a pretty lady to look at as she runs from the film’s villain. And here, we sadly don’t have that. What we do have is a couple of rather chubby cops on the case, as they checkout the films small, but still very shady cast. We have the man running the drive-in that hates every minute of it. We have the slow guy who cleans up around the place and does odd jobs, and we have a pervert who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is funny moments and it’s not what I’d call boring, but it could have used some improvements.

The film turns a few 180s from time to time, but the biggest has to be the movie’s ending. Which I can’t decide if I loved it or felt it was lacking. I mean, one part of me thought it was a lazy “out” to end a film. But there was another part me that thought it was different and creative, so you may be a little torn on that side of things yourself. But like I said, it’s well worth $2.99, so why not check it out? Especially before another film of at least the same name comes out. If nothing else, you at least get a cheap movie with some funny moments and some surprising entertaining gore.

The Conclusion
It’s not grade A stuff, but it’s not by any means awful. I think a lot of you could get a lot of fun out of watching this one, and you just can’t beat the prices over at Cheezy Flicks. So if you like old slashers, you could do a lot worse than Drive-In Massacre.

The Rating (5.5/10)