Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)

Yeah I’m two days late, I know..

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)
Directed By: Chad Ferrin (Someone’s Knocking at the Door)

The Prologue
My first dip into Chad Ferrin’s work was the outrageous, Someone’s Knocking at the Door. A film that was unlike anything I had ever seen at the time with it’s onslaught of gore and sexually related elements. So today I take a step back in time before he made that film, to some of his early work, Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! Because we all need more horror films about Easter right? I’m sure I’m missing or forgetting some, but there just isn’t that many. And it’s only right that every holiday have a slew of horror films based on it. While I did think that Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! was lacking in some departments, I could also tell it was a Chad Ferrin films. Take that as a compliment, Chad.

The Movie
Remington, a murderous grifter cons his way into a mother’s heart, putting on a fatherly facade to her cherished son, Nicholas (who is “Special”). But the second she leaves for work, a torrent of abuse rains upon the gentle boy. Remington heads out for some hookers (and blow) and invites his dilettante-child molester-drug-dealer buddy over to abuse Nicholas. In the meantime, the only comfort the boy gets is in confiding with his new pet bunny. Debauchery is at hand but Nicholas is nowhere to be found but someone wearing the mask of the beloved holiday hopper shows up ready to deliver a blood-splattered night of unspeakable carnage. Yeah, I usually write my own plot outline but this one is just too good not to use. I assume this is also from the back of the box. Sue me? (please don’t, I have no money).

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is a very weird and grimy film. There’s not a whole lot that’s likable from a character standpoint, and there is some very very weird and messed up things taking place. But this is just the type of environment this movie is going for and needs. It’s a mixed bag pretty much on all fronts, but you do kinda feel bad at times for the “Special” kid in this film, Nicholas. While he at times is about a goofy as a pet coon, he at some points does muster up enough sympathy from the audience that you do sorta feel bad for him. He’s about as close to likable as you can get here. Even his dear sweet mother, Mindy, is just too darn nice to be likable. But then again, even without any sense of attachment to the characters, isn’t this what a movie of this nature is going for?

After starting off pretty darn good, the films then dips into it’s character building process. Now this is where the movie sorta drags out because as noted before, nobody is likable. I will give credit to Timothy Muskatell who plays the sleazy Remington however, he plays that role about as perfectly as you could hope for. The plot builds up, and the story unfolds, but all in all this is where things kinda drag out a little too long for my taste. The idea of someone in a weird bunny mask killing people is a great idea in my book. And while we end up getting that, it takes a little too long. Sure when the poop hits the fan near the end we get a nice rampage full of gore from our bunny friend, but why did it take soo long to get to that point? In a film of this nature you just want to over the top gore and violence. We get it, but not as soon or as much as we might hope for.

I don’t want to pick on this film too much because it may start to sound like I didn’t like it. So trust me, I DID NOT HATE THIS FILM!! BUT, and unfortunately we have a but here, I do think there’s a little bit of shark jumping here and there with it, especially at the end. Now I won’t be going into details and spoiling anything, but let’s just say the twists at the end are a bit far fetched and much. Some major details are ignored all for the sake of a weird ending, and it kinda hurts the overall film. Before that moment we had a weird and over the top grimy little slasher on our hands. By the time it wraps, well, it’s still not horrible but it’s a little too much in some areas. Still, I won’t say I hate it because I don’t hate it. I can tell it’s a Chad Ferrin film. And perhaps that’s a very good thing in the big picture right? At least that means it’s bloody, weird, and not the same ol’ same ol’.

The Conclusion
I’m all for seeing someone in an Easter Bunny mask going on a path of rage and blood, so I won’t say skip this one. I will say however that you shouldn’t go into it looking for a none-stop thrill ride or you may be a bit disappointed. If you get the chance to watch this, I say go for it. It also helps if you see it on Easter. I just so happened to watch this Easter night… it helps a lot.

The Rating (6/10)