Edge of Darkness (2010)

It’s Mel with a funny accent!!

Edge of Darkness (2010)
Directed By: Martin Campbell (Casino Royale)

The Prologue
Before we start this thing here, has Mel Gibson got in trouble for anything this week? Has he beat anyone? Cussed anyone out? Anything at all? Well good, because with all the drama that surrounds the man, I think we tend to forget that he’s a great actor and good director. While he’s not behind the camera for Edge of Darkness (Martin Campbell of Casino Royale is), a movie based off the 1985 British mini-series of the same name, he does a fine job on screen. The movie may not break new ground in the action/thriller department, but it does just fine for what it is, even if it’s pretty much cookie cutter in terms of what it delivers.

The Movie
After his daughter is shot down on his doorstep right in front of him, detective Thomas Craven (Gibson), goes on a mission to find out just who did it and in the process he opens up a very complicated can of worms that brings him more trouble that he probably imagined. Who can you trust? Who’s working for who? Do you ever really know anyone? And just how deep does this thing run? These are the questions he has to ask himself as he goes on a mission for vengeance and justice! But will it cost him his own life in the process?? That you’ll have to watch and see for yourself!

You know a movie like this isn’t a type of movie I like to watch often, but every now and again I can get into one and while this isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever seen by any stretch of the imagination, it did hold my attention, which isn’t always easy to do. While I did find the “Massachusetts accents” to be a bit annoying and distracting at times, I had to remind myself that this was indeed how these people talk up there and once I got that in my head it wasn’t as hard to ignore it. That however could be a small issue with some of you, it’s a little weird to hear for the duration of a film. But what do I know? I’m from Tennessee, “yall”!

When it comes to a story like this, you pretty much can guess they’ll be twists of some sort and that does kinda numb the effects of the twists once they happen, because after all you knew something was coming even if you’re not sure what they would be right? So what you get here probably won’t be anything you’ve never seen before. I think with that being the case one of the most enjoyable things you have out of this tale is the performance of Mel Gibson. The man may be a bad person, he may be a lot of things, I really don’t care or think it matters here. Mel, can act and it helps hold this thing together and makes you keep watching even if you’re not that excited at times during the watching of the film. 

Also holding things down along side Mel in this thing is, Ray Winstone, who plays a character named Jedburgh. Jedburgh, is a bit of mystery, a bit of a “fixer” if you will. His role in the film is a another key to holding your attention as I think he may be more intriguing than even Craven due to the fact you can’t ever be too sure about just where he is coming from up until the end. When you watch Edge of Darkness it’s really the things like this character and the performance of Mel that makes it worth a watch. I think if you watch just a little of the start of it you’ll want to stick around to find out just what is going on.

So, you have a (for the most part) interesting plot, one of the better character is very mysterious and cool while the other is a pissed off father on a one way path to revenge that won’t stop for nothing until he gets satisfaction. Toss in some twists and some blood and you have yourself a movie worth seeing, but probably not worth owning. So while you kinda know what you’ll get as the film unfolds (because with this sorta film you always get the same thing), it’s a little more interesting than the norm with how it all wraps up at the end.

The Conclusion
Good but nothing special is probably how I’d sum this one up in short. I’d probably never actually buy it myself, but if I caught it on TV or wanted to rent something that’s a little more universal than horror for friends this could very well be a good choice. The key to it all is Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone as everyone else just fits their roles and don’t stand out too much, but at the same time, they don’t really mess anything else up either. So give it a watch sometime if you’re bored.

The Rating (6.5/10)