Embodiment of Evil (2008) (Blu-ray Review)

Pretty amazing!

Embodiment of Evil (2008)
Directed By: José Mojica Marins aka Coffin Joe
Where to get it: Synapse

The Prologue
After hearing of it’s being nominated for a Rondo award, I figured it was about high time I checked out. Embodiment of Evil, on blu-ray. I’m sad to say that I’ve never seen a “Coffin Joe” film, so it’s overdo that I finally get to it. And all reports I had heard going into watching this one was how this was an outstanding film to see, even if you hadn’t seen the other two films that came before this, or any other film by José Mojica Marins. José Mojica Marins who also stars in this film as well as directs it, playing the leading role of an evil undertaker. There is for sure something here for everyone, no matter if you loved his old films or just now got into the mix like I did, Embodiment of Evil is just outstanding.

The Movie
After serving a 40-year prison term, Coffin Joe is finally released from the Mental Heath wing of the São Paulo State Penitentiary.  Back on the streets, the sadistic undertaker is set upon fulfilling the goal which sent him to jail in the first place: find a woman who can give him the perfect child.  Accompanied by his faithful servant, the humpbacked Bruno, Coffin Joe leaves behind a trail of horror and is haunted by ghostly visions and the spirits of his past victims.

For anyone who isn’t in the know, this film follows a movie that took place some 40 years ago, which was a sequel to another movie. At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul and This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse introduced the world to evil character who is looking for a woman to give birth to his offspring. Those films came out in 1964 and 1967 and the fact that the film not only acknowledges the time in between but how the world has changed since, makes this movie very awesome and creative. When Zé do Caixão did his horrible deeds in the 60s, I’m sure they were very gruesome to see. But now in this current time things get upped to another level, and any horror fan NEEDS to check this stuff out. It’s eerie, it’s weird, but it’s very interesting and just pulls you in and holds you.

Like I said, I had never seen the original films before this one. Luckily the movie does have some flash back, so it makes things easy to catch up on. The plot is simple enough to follow, but what you see in this movie and from this director really made me think that if Lucio Fulci were still alive today, his movies would look a lot like this one does. This movie packs gore and just enough CGI in areas that it doesn’t hurt anything or take anything away from the movie overall. Not to mention some of the unthinkable scenes that take place that will stick with you for how awesome they look and what they were, long after the movie has ended. I know some people don’t like subtitles, but it doesn’t hurt things at all here.

One would have to think this film ends this trilogy in very epic fashion. If another film was to be made on this subject, so be it. But it would be fine to stop here. Gallons of blood, nudity, weird death scenes and other creepy and creative factors made this movie very enjoyable. And perhaps even more so than I expected it to be going into see it. It makes me want to go back and seek out more Coffin Joe films and see how the old stuff compares to this current one here. So if you want blood, a creepy and evil lead, and a plot that packs a very nasty but fun to watch punch, this is the movie for you.

The Conclusion
Well this movie gets the vote from me for the Rondo it’s nominated for. And for the record, outside some minor grain here and there, this blu-ray looked beautiful! And it’s very creepy seeing some of the things that take place in this film in HD, but what an awesome touch it really turns out to be. Synapse really outdid themselves with this one, so if you have yet to see it, be sure to check it out ASAP.

The Rating (8/10)