Enter The Dark (2010) (Short Film)

I’m never ghost hunting with my friends again..

Enter The Dark (2010) (Short Film)
Directed By: Todd Miro

The Movie
In the short film, Enter the Dark, Charles has some issues at home. Those issues being he seems to have a ghost on his hands and he wants to figure out a way to get rid of it. In doing so Charles enlist the help of his dear friend, Rob. Rob doesn’t really believe there is a haunting going on, he’s just worried about his buddy, and rightfully so right? So the two spend a night at the house recording what is going on with the hope of figuring out just what to do in order to bring Charles some peace.

I think right off the bat I need to say I really like the look of the film, because it did look very creepy. The movie mixes the first person POV of such films as Paranormal Activity, but keeps the 4th wall by having it all captured in a normal movie style, thus not limiting it’s self to the limits of trying to sell it’s self as “real”. I also loved how the characters stick with the program but at times talk about the type of stuff real friends would be talking about in the same situation, that’s realistic and that’s a very good move having that type of dialogue in your film. The things of that nature give the film a very realistic tone, and it also helps hold your attention more than you think.

Another thing I really loved about this short film is the uneasy feeling you get from it, from almost the start. Even with nothing jumping out at you at the beginning, you just know sooner or later the other foot will drop, and take my word on it, when it drops it drops with one hell of a thud. It’s got a very clever twist, one I actually didn’t see coming..well done sir. So I’d say if anyone wants to see a short movie that’s shot very well, creepy as all hell, and has a twist that may just catch you off guard then by all means find a way to check out Enter the Dark!

The Rating (6/10)