Evil Dead 2 (1987)

A little less gore but a LOT more funny this time around!

Evil Dead 2 (1987)
Directed By: Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, and um..Spider-Man)

The Prologue

Well with any good horror film a sequel is (for better or worse) bound to happen and a sequel to The Evil Dead did happen in 1987 as Sam Raimi stopped resisting and finally made what many horror fans were asking for. Stocked up with a higher budget (Thanks a lot in part to Stephen King who called the producer to score the cash) Raimi made Evil Dead 2 in 1987 but instead of the straight up blood, guts, and horror we got with the original he made Evil Dead 2 more as a dark comedy..and the horror fans of today love it. I’d say a good comparison to The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 would be that of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2..However this time around the fans seem to like the sequel with the comedy added in more..but did I?

The Movie
Debated on for years (still on going today) about if this sequel is indeed a sequel or a remake, many of the elements of the first would be incorporated into this film all the while going on into a different path. As we start off the film we recap the events of the first film but instead of all five people from the last film things are told in a different way with only Ash (played by LEGEND Bruce Campbell) and his girlfriend Linda. This being the cause for all the confusion as I’ll admit even I was a bit confused when I was younger and saw both back to back.

Things may be funny this time but they are also gory still..not AS gory but gory none the less. I’ve noticed in order to keep from getting the hard rating the original got many scenes were we would have for sure seen gallons of the blood in the original are replaced with gallons of green ooze..thus pulling one over on the MPAA This time around Ash is finally becoming the Ash we know and love here as he fights off demonic possession as well as all the evil that is within the woods and the cabin caused by the no good Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (or “Book of the Dead”) which noticeable looks more stylish this time. Also added into the mix is the daughter of owners of the cabin, her partner and two hillbillies that help them find their way to the cabin once they find out that the bridge is out..Hey it’s horror you got to have a body count right??

As stated before things take a comical twist this time out, and it’s one that would stay with the series leading on into Army of Darkness. It causes for some very funny moments in the film and some pretty cool quotes as well. “You dirty bastards!…Give me back my hand!..GIVE ME BACK MY HAAAAAND!!!”..sorry I couldn’t help it but you get the point I’m sure. Bottom line is, this movie is just as much fun as the original is scary. So it becomes a matter of taste. If your more into a horror comedy then you’ll love this. I tend to do that but for some reason now days I just lean more towards the original..but this one is damn good to.

The Conclusion
Soo is it a remake or a sequel?? Well let me put that to rest now..it’s a sequel. Raimi said so himself. See the rights to show scenes from the original could not be obtained to re-cap what happened do to those all so nasty copyright laws, so Sam shot what he shot just to quickly show us how Ash got to where he was and give us a short version of just what has happened. If you start this film right after the original ends with the unseen spirit flying into Ash, things flow smoothly…Well to spite a different actress playing Linda. It’s a really good and fun movie but to me it’s a step down from the original. However if you are into Army of Darkness as your favorite in the series then you’ll probably like this more so than the original.

The Rating (8.0/10)