Fire of Conscience (2010)

A really fun action movie.

Fire of Conscience (2010)
Directed By: Dante Lam

The Prologue
Wasn’t really sure what I was going to get when I sit down to watch, Fire of Conscience. But I was really happy with the results once the film got going. What we have here with this, is a movie that doesn’t pull many punches, isn’t for the weak hearted, and is custom made for someone who likes fighting, guns, and seeing things get blown up. So, I think that should cover most the men out there who are reading this (and a lot of the women too, I’m sure). So if you want to watch this one, sit-back, relax, and for sure pop some popcorn, because you are dealing with a grade A popcorn movie!

The Movie
Centers on Captain Manfred who is caught in the line of fire between high levels of corruption and malice. He must solve a brutal murder to prove his partner’s innocence and unearth the truth behind Hong Kong’s police force. The investigation brings him to an unlikely collaboration with sly, man-of-the-world Inspector Kee from the Narcotics Bureau, whose motives are not what they seem.

Well, I love an action film as much as the next guy and this one was right down my alley. Not only is this one loaded with tons of violence and blood, but it’s also one of the best looking films I’ve seen in a long time. It just has the colors jumping off the screen at you, and it not only looks good, but it’s really just stylish overall. Using a mix of bright colors and then going to a cool little freeze frame/black and white method for some of the back story points, you’ll be hard pressed to find a film that is just half way made as well as this one. It’s always good if you recall how good a movie looks after you’ve seen it, and I think it still stands out to me as much as the action.

And the action is of course great as well (Duh!). We have people blowing up, we have shootouts, and some really nice choreographed scenes to boot! It not only makes the fun factor of this film shoot up, but it also raises up the drama and suspense as it does so too. Not that the film really needs much to do that, there are some interesting characters and plot points going along at the same time to keep you interested. And while I might admit we’ve seen a character or two like the ones we have in this one before, I think it at least adds a lot to it when you realize that some characters here are anything but one dimensional, blurring the lines between good and bad.

Would you call it a perfect film? Nope, it’s got enough here and there to stop someone ever trying to call it that. However, it’s one of the more fun films I have had the pleasure of seeing in a very long time. I don’t want to oversell it, but parts of it might remind you of The Departed. Or shall I say the original version, Infernal Affairs? I believe that is a very fair statement seeing as how they do share a few key plot elements, and both are fun action movies. And like many great films of this nature, you never really are sure how this one is going to end until the end. And you can never go wrong with that.

The Conclusion

One of the better action films I have seen in a long long time, and wouldn’t it figure, it’s not an American made one. No CGI, no over-hyping, just straight-up action and violence..What any fan of action films wants, right? If you like a good police story, then you should for sure check this one out.

The Rating (7.5/10)