Fragile (2005)

I can’t believe the co-director of [Rec] did this. I’d expect a little more..

Fragile (2005)
Directed By:  Jaume Balagueró ([Rec])

The Prologue
I don’t know about you but the name Calista Flockhart doesn’t really go hand in hand with horror to me. I mean yeah, she pretty much played a skeleton lady unintentionally for years on Ally McBeal but that was about it. So here she is in the lead in the film Fragile. A film made by the man who made [Rec] but somehow to spite being made in 2005 didn’t get a release til now with the Fangora Fright Fest line. That should tell you a lot about what you need to know right there.

The Movie
So something seems to be going down at an old children’s hospital. Nobody seems to pay it any mind or notice it besides the kids (namely one little girl) but leave it to the American nurse Amy (Calista Flockhart) to figure it all out within her first few days there. What follows is a movie that doesn’t bring too much to the table that really blows you away besides a cool kill half way through and some mild child violence! To be honest, I was bored at times and I bet anything you will be to until the second half.

I’m not trying to be sarcastic, I’m not trying to be an asshole critic, but I really didn’t care for it at all when the movie first started. The film doesn’t give us any new twist to any old ghost stories, besides the violence it has dealing with a few kids. While that’s never fun to look at it doesn’t give the movie an edge, just a couple slightly uncomfortable moments. Not that it’s horrible or anything,  just there’s just nothing at all that will make you want to see it again. But it’s OK the first time.

It’s really slow til about the 45 minute mark, then it does improves from there (not that it could get anything but better from there). That’s when a really cool kill comes into play that is probably going to be the most/only memorable thing anyone takes from the movie. There’s OK gore but it’s too limited. Miss Ally McBeal does an alright job, but you just can’t really buy her in a role like this. Or at least I can’t.

I also like to think any nerve the film has, it loses it with the ending. It could have been ten times better until they went with the ending they went with. I don’t want to spoil it or anything but I feel the cheese really gets dumped over the movie when we reach the closing moments. It doesn’t make you feel anything besides just feeling like you are watching something a little too corny for it’s own good.

The Conclusion
I’m a little mixed about it. I think it has a few slightly cool moments but they come too little to late to save it overall. I think if you’re looking for this director to give you something like [Rec] you won’t be too happy. As a result, while it’s not terrible, I’d say just skip it.

The Rating (5.5/10)