Friday the 13th Part III (1983)

Jason picks up that trendy mask this time around..

Friday the 13th Part III (1982)
Directed By: Steve Miner (Friday The 13th part II, Halloween H2O)

The year was 1982, yours truly was yet a year away from being born but the “Slasher” genre of horror movies was alive and well. And in the years to come it would be much like the main villains in it’s genre.. it would just refuse to die. Hot off the success of Halloween in 1978, many film companies wanted to cash in on the money that was being made, so they would rush out many movies like it. I’m not going to name all of them because you don’t want to read this for hours but one of the few that did catch on was Friday the 13th, which first came out in 1980. And after the first one came out a sequel would come out every year but two in the next ten years that would follow. Which sounds like over-kill to me, but it’s not that much different than what we get today with a different SAW coming out each year (And yes part 5 and possibly 6 of that are on the way as we speak). None the less, here is the run down on *drum roll* Friday the 13th part III

*And yes people, for the review of part 3 I simply updated the original review. Which by the way,  was the very first written review for the site. Notice how long it is? Yeah, I didn’t know when to hush back then*

The Movie:
First off let it be known that I’m working with a copy of the movie straight out of the “From Crystal Lake To Manhattan” boxset. A set that is nice for any fan of these movies but leave something to be desired as far as extra goodies go. Also I should note this movie was originally made in 3D which would probably be cool but the DVD copy (and no American copy of the DVD that I’m aware of) actually comes with the 3D stuff still intact. So unless you were alive in 1982 and saw this at a theater you never got to enjoy a third dimension while watching it. And I’m betting no one who reads this has been alive since about anyway.

The movie picks up right where part two had left off with Jason (in what had been only his first movie in the series as we can’t forget his Mother was the killer in the part one) sporting his “elephant man” type sack over his head with one eye hole cut out. I’m not reviewing part two here so that is a story for another time so I’ll just say as always the main girl in the movie and the main guy barley make it out alive thinking they have killed Jason but he as always isn’t dead and gets up just as we kick off part three with some cheesy ass 80’s style music.

Not a lot can be said about the plot here, if you’ve seen one of these you’ve pretty much seem them all. It was the 80’s so we have teens you really don’t care about and some you actually want to die. We have our stoners, we have our 80’s gang with names like “Loco” and we have our main two characters in this case a girl named “Chris” and her boyfriend “Rick”. One thing about these movies the girl always lives but the guy is usually hit or miss on if he’ll make it or not if you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it but I’ll point out these characters are so lame that you won’t care if they don’t.

The story follows a group of teens as they head to a camp for a get away which is never a smart thing to do right after a mass murder has broken out (that of which the man responsible was not found) but this is the 80’s and this is a horror film so the people in it are pretty much…stupid. The writers of this actually try to make you care about one of the girls in this movie who isn’t the main character by stating that shes pregnant.. it doesn’t work. Actually I find that two most sympathetic people in this movie is a guy named “Shelly” who plays jokes on everyone because be can’t seem to get noticed by just being himself. And a girl that he likes that I can’t remember the name of and don’t feel like looking up. I think the movie would have a better effect on the people not just watching it for the kills if these two were our main characters. And had this movie come out today I have a feeling that our main characters would have been these two. However our top bitch in this movie Chris isn’t THAT bad, shes cute by 80’s standards none the less and she also tells a story in the movie of being attacked by a hideous man a few years before but blacking out and not knowing what had happened.. as you can guess that man was Jason but that story she tells is rather pointless as far as this plot goes (It should be pointed out however that in the book “Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th” it says that originally in the script it was suppose to be found out that Jason had raped Chris and this was going to be done in order to give his character a little bit more of a dimension..I’m happy they didn’t go there).

Also in this movie I want to point out that Jason acts almost human and nothing like his more “Zombie-Like” self that we’d grow to expect today. Many actually think that in the series Jason was still human until part four. And was actually a mutated type dude not unlike the hideous folks you’d see in a HILLS HAVE EYES movie. So don’t get to shocked if you watch this and notice that Jason actually takes time to do such normal things as change his cloths, shut & lock doors behind himself, and moan and groan like a bitch if he is stabbed. One funny moments sees Jason diving out of the way of a speeding van and we all know had this happened to the Jason we know today he would have stood there and took it like a man! Also he wouldn’t run after people like the Jason in this movie does, he’d simply take his own sweet time about it.

This movie isn’t anything special but it is a pretty historic point for the series as this would be first time we’d see Jason wearing his hockey mask that he is so well known for today. That alone makes it pretty important. There is also a body count of twelve so if you just want to see people killed this ones for you, you sick bastards!!..(I’m just joking) There is a pretty cool scene with a harpoon gun if you want to check it out. The movie is pretty much shit but if you like these movies you don’t watch them for Oscar winning storyline anyway. Still when it comes to slasher films I’ve seen a lot better. So I’m not giving it much but I’ll toss in a extra point for the fact he gets the hockey mask.

Rating: (4/10) *original rating from 10/07/09*

Rating: (4.5/10) *Updated on 10/26/10*