Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Now THIS is more like it, Jason!

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
Directed By: Joseph Zito (The Prowler)

The Prologue
In 1981 both director Joesph Zito and effects master Tom Savini both teamed up for a nice little horror film called The Prowler. So when 1984 rolled around they were both picked to team up yet again to end a franchise that in my humble opinion was running kind of low on quality, Friday the 13th. While Savini was no stranger to Friday the 13th having worked on the original, it was Zito’s first (and only) film with the franchise and the results were Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. A film that was starring a young Corey Feldman (as well as Crispin Glover) and probably the best Friday film ever made in a lot of people’s minds.

The Movie
So after our events in Friday the 13th part 3 Jason (once again with his hockey mask) is assumed dead and hauled off to the local hospital! Well I’m not sure if it was just the fact he’s a tough son of a bitch or something more, but Jason once again comes to at the hospital and leaves a bloody trail all the way back near Crystal Lake where he runs across a family living near by and some teens having a party! And you just know Jason can’t have that!

And of course this is the film that introduces the original Tommy Jarvis, a ten year old boy played by the famous Corey Feldman. He’s a kid who loves masking masks and appears to be a lot smarter than the usual final girl we get. However, if you like the final girl thing, Tommy has a sister that’s there as well, and she does look mighty fine if you’re keeping score at home. And while everyone wants to remember Tommy Jarvis, it’s really the sister Trish Jarvis that does most the work! But how about I just get on with the quality of the movie and not the women?

The Final Chapter just seems different than the other three movies that came before it. The characters seems way WAY more entertaining (one of which being a young Crispin Glover) and leading the way by effects man Tom Savini, Jason goes on a bloody rampage that really is a sight to see! Jason, who at this point is the type of Jason we enjoy, gets creative with his kills here, taking time to hang people on the doors and at times just drag them out of high floor windows!! I guess you could say, Jason seems pretty pissed this time around.

While a lot of Friday films seem to drag (due to dull characters and their “development”) The Final Chapter is loaded with characters that even if they aren’t that lovable are at least entertaining. One of the lower points comes in the form of a young man who is there because he just knows Jason killed his sister and he wants revenge. Now with a build like that you assume you’ll get a showdown of EPIC proportions right?..Wrong. I’m sure without me giving it away the words “He’s killing me!!” are both a symbol of a major let down and unintentional funny moment of this film. One minor flaw however.

The movie has a finish as well that I think is really cool and really highlights the great gore effects that the movie had. And while the end of the film (and supposed end of the franchise, or at least Jason) might seem a little cliche once the credits roll, it’s not a disappointing movie over all, and in my humble pinion the best film in the series up to this point, even topping the original. So yes, there are good films in the Friday the 13th series. Surprise! Surprise!

The Conclusion
You got one of the Coreys, you got Crispin Glover doing a wacky dance, a guy asking you to kiss a teddy bear and using the term “dead f***”, and while most the people who were in this movie do not seem to like it very much, I find it to be one of the top two in the series, with my other favorite coming along shortly, just sadly not next! But as for “The Final Chapter” it’s probably the golden example of what a Jason movie should be.

The Rating (7/10)

The Rating (8/10) *Updated on 08/01/11