Fright Night Part 2 (1988)

What the hell is this crap?

Fright Night Part 2 (1988)
Directed By: Tommy Lee Wallace (It)

The Prologue
After Fright Night was a surprise hit in 1985 and was the second highest grossing horror film of the year behind A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 you just knew a sequel had to be on the way. And it arrived three years later in 1988 with Fright Night Part 2. However all the things we liked about the first one didn’t seem to arrive with it. So join me will you as I cover one of the most disappointing sequels that perhaps was ever made.

The Movie
Three years after the events of the first film Charlie has convinced himself that what he went through with Peter was just an hallucination brought on by the trauma of his best friend being a killer. But Charlie’s wishful thinking comes to an end when the arrival of a group of vampires set out on revenge show up. So once again Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent must team up and fight the forces of evil!! I should note this battle happens in a way less fun and way less interesting manner than the original.

So lets see, we have Charlie. We have Peter Vincent. We have a female vampire that is pretty darn hot that wants revenge on them both. We even have some pretty cool gore like we had in the original so why is this film soo disappointing? I find this film to be totally not fun, not inspired, and lacking with everything that made the original great. And it’s a shame that a great film like Fright Night gets THIS as a really is.

Lets not forget that when we last left off with Fright Night, Charlie was pretty darn happy, he was with Amy, and the last thing we heard was the annoying voice of Evil Ed. Now I know the dude who played Evil Ed turned down the role in the sequel to be in 976-EVIL but how in three years did Charlie go from being perfectly happy to having a new woman and being in therapy?? I know the films of the 80’s usually ditched the girls the heroes had in the original for a new woman in each film (Karate Kid anyone?) but maybe they should have at least told us where Amy went?

I think one of the best things about this film is Jon Gries (who played Uncle Richo in Napoleon Dynamite) in the role of a Werewolf. Apparently ever evil Vampire pack needs at least one. While Regine (the hot female vampire) is busy trying to turn Charlie into a vampire, he’s busy trying to hook up with Charlie’s new woman Alex. I guess we could also point out that Gries played a Werewolf in The Monster Squad to right? Either way, I enjoyed him in this film.

All that said the movie still does a couple things right. The gore is still cool and full of the stuff I like to see in horror movies and Peter Vincent is still a fun character to watch that still does battle with who he really is and what he is suppose to be. Those things are the few things that make watching Fright Night part 2 worth seeing if you just gotta see it. Besides that you have a very lacking sequel that is better off being skipped.

The Conclusion
Not worth more than a rent unless you just want to own it to go along with Fright Night. And if you do wish you buy it I feel sorry for you because the DVD is out of print and thus could run you up to $50 to get..And trust me folks, it’s not worth more than $5.

Skip it unless you just gotta see it. It’s a major let down from the original.

The Rating (5.5/10)