Frozen Kiss (2009)

Well..I think this was a waste of time!

Frozen Kiss (2009)
Directed By: Harry Bromley Davenport (Xtro, Xtro II: The Second Encounte)

The Prologue
Some times when you are a movie reviewer you are asked to review some films that are a little out of your line of work. Not that I can’t give an accurate review of a none horror film, it’s just I’d rather not have to set through some genre’s and Frozen Kiss walked that fine line between genres that I like and hate.

The one soul reason I went ahead and watched the film was because it was directed by Harry Bromley Davenport the man behind the very weird, yet very good, Xtro! Now I assumed with him behind the camera this thing couldn’t be too bad right? Well..his style is on it look wise, but not much else.

The Movie
So you got a couple right? One is a girl named Shelley and it’s probably safe to say she’s borderline with being the town bicycle. The guy is named Ryan, and he’s not much better and on top of that he’s on drugs! So the two get stuck out in a snow storm together after a party and fine that “something” is after them!

But don’t let that fool you folks, it’s not a horror movie at all. It somewhat starts out as one but once questions start getting answered it all comes together with somewhat disappointing results. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if this film pops up on the Life Time channel, it’s THAT kind of movie.

Now don’t get me wrong Cameron Goodman who plays Shelley is pretty good in this movie but everyone else is questionable at best. Also to top off the bad acting you have some just horrible writing that results in very awkward points in the film in both the story and the dialogue between people in it. There’s times in this movie, very serious times, when people just all the sudden come out with stuff you KNOW that if real they wouldn’t be saying. I don’t know if someone was trying to be clever or what but it fails..and fails bad.

Oh and Mimi Rogers is in this movie playing the girls drunken mother..Other reviewers make it a point to bring that up, but for the life of me I have nooo idea why.

So in closing I’ll say this, when you have something that COULD be good don’t mess with it too much. This story is based off true events and they should have stuck with those events and left A LOT of stuff out. Had they done that I could have enjoyed it much much more than I did..Oh, and they also needed better actors as well, a cardboard cutout with a voice over could have out acted some of these people.

The Conclusion
Good idea, good story, good look, just bad everything else. Had they had someone to edit this script and change the way some people act and change what these folks or saying (cause a lot of it is out of place and comes out weird) this could have been good..really good. But it’s not..not very good at all.

The fact that I think mostly women who love lovey dovey stuff will enjoy this film over everyone else is why I say it’s like a Life Time movie. If you have good taste then I’d say avoid and spare yourself a waste of an hour and a half. I just find it to be a shame that the man who directed Xtro has his name attached to something like this.

The Rating (4.5/10)

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