Ghostbusters Cereal – Brainwashing Kids One Bowl at a Time!

I’ve always been a BIG fan of Ghostbusters! When I was growing up, as soon as I hit a point to where I knew what the hell was going on I always had fond memories of Ghostbusters and my love for everything that was Ghostbusters. And what wasn’t they to love? There was the two classic movies from the 80’s (which I recently bought so look for those reviews). There was then the also classic cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters! And all of this came with cards, backpacks, candy, comics, the massively popular action figures, and of course CEREAL!

From 1985 to 1990, Ralston, under license from Columbia Pictures released different variations of the very same Ghostbusters themed cereal. It started with Ghostbusters in 1985 and ended somewhere after 1990 with Slimer & The Real Ghostbusters. But rest a sure while the name differed to go along with whatever the Ghostbusters brand was pushing at the time, the cereal stayed the same, fruit-flavored cereal grains mixed with ghost-shaped marshmallows. If that didn’t make you excited as a kid you must have been lame..or a girl who loved Barbie. Looking back now, what catches my attention about the cereal isn’t as much the overall nostalgia, it’s the way these guys went out of their ways to try to lure us innocent kids into eating it.

You may recall not too long ago people tossed a hissy and as a result today’s kids no longer get the awesome toys that people around my age group (28) got as kids when it came to cereal. Also looking back now, you can kinda see where the concern came from, because Ghostbusters’ cereal was blatantly luring people in with what was inside and ON the box. And it wasn’t just posters and fliers. Ghostbusters attempted to get us kids to bug the shit out of our parents for a box with their promise that we MAYBE could instantly win Ghostbusters action figures and when they started to get wise to it, they even had a contest saying we could win $20,000 college scholarship!..Well, hot damn! Either way, it was still kinda awesome.

The boxes themselves even had cool things like masks you could cut out and even a Slimer light switch cover!!!..See!!??

Ooooh my! The GOOD ol’ days. What the heck do kids get now? Do they have Twilight cereal or something? I bought a box of Fruit-Loops the other day that came with an educational CD in it..yeah, I said EDUCATIONAL CD!!! How lame is that?? I almost hope Ghostbusters 3 ends up getting made just so I can enjoy another bowl of this cereal, a cereal I could enjoy the taste of even now without a Ghostbusters 3 if I settled for a box of Kaboom!..Wait, do they even make Kaboom! anymore? They were basically the same thing as the Ghostbusters cereal right? But I don’t think us kids were supposed to notice that face back in the day. After all, Kaboom! didn’t have cool toys and the promise that MAYBE we could win even more stuff.

Psss!.. Can’t forget the “limited edition” run with the holograms on the box now can we?