Ghostwood (2006)

I bet Roddy Piper could have kicked the arse of these ghost~!

Ghostwood (2006)
Directed By: Justin O’Brien (The Dream Factory)

The Prologue
Are we back in the horror genre this time?? Oh’s more of a Supernatural type film? OK..well it’s horror none the less. So welcome back kids as I return with a movie that’s more to my element. Honestly I really enjoy contributing Horrorphilia regardless and as long as I’m not reviewing Snow White or something along those lines I’m down to watch anything at least once..

Oh whats that? Get on with the review? OK! So looks like we are dealing with Ghost and Irish folks today with Ghostwood!..What an odd combination, but does it work on the screen?

The Movie
After catching word that his estranged father has died New York psychologist Ed Hunter returns to his home land west of Ireland but when he arrives things aren’t as they seems and an old “debt” must be paid!..Yes sir folks you to can find this sitting in the shelf with the rest of the unknowns at your local DVD store!..If you people still use should, they smell funny it’s a nice touch.

 Right off the bat I’ll just say this wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t really great either, it was right down the middle of the good and bad line. The movie dips into being a ghost story (clearly from the title) but there are small nods at such things as The Exorcist and Evil Dead as well. Not that it really helps matters but it’s a nice touch none the less.

The lead role of Ed is played by Alan Devine who isn’t too shabby at the role, which is a very good thing since him being the star and all, we see him in 95% of the screen time. I guess you can’t really toss any stones at any of the actors as they played the hands dealt in very well played fashion, making the film even more watchable.

However, the movie doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be serious or a comedy. it goes in and out of both at times and since it’s played about 90% serious the comedy just stands out like a sore thumb when it happens. Oddly enough however those few funny moments might be the best parts of the whole movie.

It’s also a rather slow moving style of story telling. Perfect for people who are into that sorta thing but if you like things moving along a little quicker like me, you could be bored at times. But pay attention to things because it all leads to a twist ending that while somewhat predicable isn’t horrible.

The Conclusion
You know the way this film wraps up is OK but you just gotta wonder if we’ll ever get past the “twist” endings now days? You know a few are cool if the twist is like ground breaking or something. But I haven’t seen a Sixth Sense type twist in a while..hell even M. Night Shyamalan isn’t doing it to the effect he use to.

But enough about that, if you can get past the slow moving and the films identity problem it seems to have you could find it interesting to watch at least once.

The Rating (5/10)

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