Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

I set here at the late old hour of 1:31 a.m. the morning of New Years Eve, the last day of 2009. And I decided that the best way to end a year for a horror blogger is to just set back and take a look at all that came and went in the year for this genre we love..As well as to take a look at what’s to come in 2010.

2009 as a whole had a lot of high and low spots, in horror this was even more so. If you take a look at the year you have to recall that it was a time that we went back into the minds for Valentines Day, however this time we had things popping out at us as the new craze for 3-D arrived. We even went back to Camp Crystal Lake for what may have been a disappointment to some (myself included) but it leaves hope for a series we have loved, for already three decades now, to continue to entertain us perhaps for a another decade or so. Jigsaw kept up his work for the sixth year running and while I know it isn’t going to happen, I often wished he’d take at least a year off.

A man who had for many years now gave us Spider-Man finally took a trip back to the genre that made him famous after a much much overdo time. A movie called Anti-Christ shocked many of us while a few found it to be overrated. A story of an Orphan surprised many to be a stand out film for the year as another tale about Halloween that had been kept under wraps for far too long finally got it’s chance to shine, and shine it did. Oh, and speaking of Halloween, Rob Zombie took us back to Haddonfield for the next chapter of Michael Myers..and some still can’t decide if they liked it or not.

We were treated to a remake that actually didn’t just flat out suck with the remake to Last House On The Left, something that with remakes doesn’t seem to happen too often. We took a comedic trip to a land filled with Zombies and we loved just about every minute of it. We took another trip into the world of Twilight and we tossed as many e-rocks at it as we could..but who could blame us? Vampires aren’t suppose to sparkle!

Jennifer’s Body was released to much negativity, while another film called Grace seems to have ended up on everyone’s year end Top 10 List. 2009 was a year where The Hills Ran Red, we dined in The House of the Devil, Rec 2 showed us how first person movies were suppose to be done, and a movie came out called PontyPool and I really can’t comment on that because sadly I’ve not seen it. But perhaps above all this what stands out the most is a little film called Paranormal Activity that showed us all you don’t need to spend a million dollars in order to make back millions.

Of course, as I said before, 2009 was a year of ups and downs with the downs in this case were pretty tragic. The world lost a LOT of people in 2009. Among all of these people were a man that showed us once just how much fun it could be to “Kill Bill”, a man who played a police officer that held his moral values soo high that they ended up being his downfall, and of course a man who made the whole idea about zombies wanting to eat our brains…And that one still kinda hurts.

But as one door closes another door opens, as one year ends, another one just as soon begins and who knows just what the world in general and in horror holds for us in 2010. What will be our big disappointment for the coming year? What will be our surprise hit? Will a film come along to capture our imaginations and leave us with a brand new horror classic? Will we return yet again to Crystal Lake? Will our new Nightmares on Elm Street be able to match up to our old ones from the past? Just how cool will the Wolf-man really end up being when we see him on the big screen again? Will we be able to find good in the whole slew of remakes, reboots, and 3-D that is heading our way? And when we get a look at Romero’s new entry into his group of zombie films will it once again feel like his old ones?..But perhaps above all else, will we get through this year without losing anyone else who we hold so dear to this genre that we all enjoy so much?

I (like all of you) don’t know the answers to these questions yet but we will all get our answers in 2010. Who knows what we got coming but I do know this, I..lord willing..will be here like sooo many other bloggers just like me to cover it and to talk about it. So please, feel free to join me and stop by anytime.

With all this being said, have a SAFE and happy New Year folks and here’s to hoping 2010 is the best year of everyone’s life…Until the next year of course.

Best Wishes in ’10