Hail To The King! aka Why Is This Game Soo Damn Hard?

While many may not know it, The Evil Dead first dipped into the video game pool way back in 1984 (when I was just one year old) when the The Evil Dead video game was released for the ZX Spectrum..Anyone remember that?? Anyone at all??…It’s OK because you didn’t really miss anything.

The game is set at the infamous cabin from the Evil Dead film. The player controls Ash, and must close cabin windows to prevent monsters from entering, while also killing monsters that are already in the cabin.

As the player defeats monsters with various weapons (shovels, shotguns, and axes), Ash’s energy level decreases. Ash must continuously pick up new weapons in order to increase his energy. Once he has defeated all the monsters, Ash must obtain the The Book of the Dead and destroy it in order to defeat the evil.

Well it sounded promising but it was more like a bad mix of Pacman and Zelda

But lets fast forward to why we are here today!..

On December the 4th 2000 Evil Dead: Hail to the King was released for PlayStation..the first one. It was also released for Dreamcast but since I never had one of them I won’t comment on it…Now I, about a year later just THEN got my hands on a PlayStation (I was a Nintendo 64man) and the only game I had at first (given to me by the same friend that gave me the PlayStation) was  Evil Dead: Hail to the King so I was pretty much forced to spend time with it until I got another game.

Now the plot for the game went like this..

Eight years after his adventures in the Army of Darkness movie, Ashley “Ash” Williams finds himself haunted by nightmares of deadites. With new girl and fellow “S-Mart” employee Jenny, Ash must return to the cabin from the original Evil Dead and confront his past. Unfortunately, Ash’s evil amputated hand from Evil Dead II plays Professor Raymond Knowby’s cassette tape and once again reawakens the evil in the woods. Jenny is taken, and Ash’s evil twin breaks out of the mirror. Armed with his axe, his chainsaw, and his trusty “boomstick”, only Ash can find the missing pages of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and banish the evil forever.

I’ll admit I’ve never been much of a gamer, outside sports game I never really played a lot of games as I got older but to me I think everyone who played this game had to think it was ridiculously hard. It wasn’t bad enough that it only took about two hits on you before you were dead and had to start the whole long stage over again but the movement was in reverse!? As in, the forward went backwards and the down went up, and so on and so forth and at the time that drove me crazy! I believe Resident Evil was like that as well? This game did borrow a lot from that game’s format but with this game you got the joy of at least being Ash and cracking off clever one liners..Just don’t forget to keep picking up the gas jugs for the chainsaw!

The game may have been difficult but it sure was fun none the less. It took you from the woods to back in the time as you had to deal with that damn evil hand, the Evil Ash, Deadites, Wolverine Troops, Skeletons, AND Hellbillies, YES I said Hellbillies!!

Sadly I can’t tell you how it ended because I never beat it. I got my hands on a WCW game and never looked back until PlayStation 2. Later on Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick and Evil Dead: Regeneration would follow for PS2 but by that time I had long moved on from even trying with these games. But it was fun while it lasted!

Chuck Conry

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