Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

A 9 Year Old vs. Michael Myers!

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)
Directed By: Dwight H. Little (Deep Blue)

The Prologue
After the outcry of pure rage that came from most Michael Myers fans after Halloween III (A movie I actually liked) everyone figured it would be best to go back to the roots of Halloween for Halloween 4. So what we get this time is pretty much what everyone wanted, the return of Michael Myers.

However the return did come with a few new faces and missing a few old ones as well as Laurie played by Jamie Lee Curtis would not be involved in this film, nor would the man who created Halloween John Carpenter, who had written an idea for the film that was shot-down.

So with new elements added in and a new director, just how well does Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers stack up to the rest?

The Movie
Ten years after his original massacre, the invalid Michael Myers awakens and returns to Haddonfield to kill his seven-year-old niece on Halloween. Can Dr. Loomis stop him?..Well if anyone can it’s Loomis! Who as always in the original series is played by the great Donald Pleasence! Loomis is a pretty bad mofo himself because at this point he’s been able to survive pretty much anything Michael could toss at him, however he does seem to be showing signs of going mad here.

Add to the mix this time as well is Danielle Harris who gives one of the best child performances you’re ever going to find in Jamie Lloyd. The now orphaned daughter of Laurie who apparently has been killed in an accident between Halloween 2 and now. I never liked the idea of having Laurie written out off screen like that but I. like everyone else. am very pleased with the character of Jamie who works out great in the film and added some fresh air to the whole franchise.

The look of Halloween 4 sure matches the look and the feel of the original and Michael himself gives you the creeps as he should. The movie also packs some dreamy type sequences that just go to add to the over all feeling you get of “weirdness” as you watch. I still think one of the best scenes in the movie is the one where Jamie first has visions of Michael in her bedroom. It’s well shot and really creepy.

Also added to the mix this time around with Jamie is her foster sister Rachel played by Ellie Cornell. Rachel fits in well here and would prove to be a favorite of the Halloween fans. She’s a classy character and that’s only fitting as Halloween at this point was still over-all a classy franchise. Ever notice how classy Halloween movies seemed to be back then? Little vulgarity at all yet it still comes across just as well as most hard R horror films of it’s time.

One thing I don’t like however is some of the supporting cast of characters in this one. I never cared for Sheriff Ben Meeker or his daughter. Nor did I ever like Rachael’s boyfriend either. One minor problem Halloween movies always did have is while it seems like a more polished slasher the people in it make the same dumb mistakes as every other horror movie and I think in this one their stupidity can come across even worse.

I wish there was more blood, I wish the story at times didn’t come across a little flat, but over all very suspenseful and the time flys while watching it. Also well worth a watch for the performances of Dr.Loomis and Jamie.

The Conclusion
It’s not Halloween or Halloween 2 to me but I think you’ll agree it’s far better than some others that was to come. The Shape is the Shape here and shows what people loved about Michael before Rob Zombie had him becoming a Momma’s boy and a grunter in the newer Halloween films.

Almost a 7 but this is a very well recommended 6.5 as this is one of my favorites in the franchise.

The Rating (6.5/10)