He (2009)

HE is…kinda interesting.

He (2009)
Directed By: Creep Creepersin (Final Girl)

The Prologue
It looks like director Creep Creepersin is once again gracing the pages of this web-site. Last time we saw him it was for his take on Frankenstein. This time however it’s a whole new ballgame with his film, He. In He Creep isn’t just writer and director. This time he is also starring in the film. Will this prove to be one too many hats for the director/musician to wear? Or in a role seemingly as complex as the lead here is, will Creep really be the best man for the job? After all, he DID write He now didn’t he? See the word play I used there? I really impress myself sometimes..I really do. I’ll try to keep that to in check for the review. If I can, but don’t expect me to. Oh by the way, you can get this movie over at MVD you know??

The Movie

In He we follow a man that we only know as HE (Creepersin). He doesn’t seem to have a job, or not when the film first starts anyway. He doesn’t seem to be too social. He doesn’t seem to be understood that well by anyone around him. Oh, and he seems to have a wife that can’t stand him and seems to want him dead. Now I know that might not be too uncommon in marriages. I think most my friends have wives that want them dead too. Odds are if you are reading this and married you too probably have a better half that wants to kill you and probably uses insults about you to solve crossword puzzles…If you don’t get that last part, you will if you watch the movie.

I guess I could call “He” a physiological thriller of sorts. It’s got shades of a lot of very weird and odd films mixed in it. Not to give Mr. Creep here a big head or anything, but at times there can be flashes of a David Lynch in Mr.Creep’s work. I think the man has very good and very weird ideas. This film is a good example of that. But for whatever reason and it seems to be the case with He, the finished product doesn’t always seem to bring out the cleverness of the director and his writing. And my apologies to Creep Creepersin in advance, but you sir looked A LOT like Kevin Smith in this film. One would have to wonder at times with all things considered if this couldn’t be taken as a peek into the life of Kevin Smith. And while I am of course only kidding some of the actions and dialogue did remind me of Smith’s work.

And in the same vein as a big block of blue cheese, He, won’t be for everyone. Those who can appreciate the oddness and weirdness with the story being told will enjoy this much much more on a different level than someone who just can’t stand artsy stuff. At times, this one even gets a little far out for those who do like artsy stuff. Things won’t always make a lot of sense as you watch He, but some of the fun from it could be trying to figure out how it all fits together before the cards are shown on screen. Even after the cards are shown you might have a few questions but work with me here OK?

The film clocks in around ten minutes over an hour. So if anything it doesn’t wear out it’s welcome with you as you try to figure everything out. And while I’d like to take this moment to point out how much I HATE closeup shots of someone’s mouth as they are eating. I must say as far as, He, goes, I don’t hate it. I’m not going to say I love it either but if you’ve at least half way made me enjoy your movie you have won a small but hard fought battle my friend. There’s a few laughs here. There’s also a few eye rolling moments as well but I’d probably say the positives overall beat out the negatives. So I’ll say give it a go IF you can enjoy slower paced weird stuff.

The Conclusion
I found, He, to be rather middle of the road for me. I liked the arty-weird stuff and I more or less liked Creepersin in the role of He. I didn’t care too much for the ending result as well as the slower pace the movie seems to have at times. I also am not a fan of closeups of people eating (I can’t stress that enough). If you yourself would like to check out Creep Creepersin star, write, and direct all at once (well, he probably had the film written before) click your happy asses on over to MVD and give it a go!

The Rating (5/10)