He Was a Quiet Man (2007)

It was a odd film..

He Was a Quiet Man (2007)
Directed By: Frank A. Cappello

The Prologue
He Was a Quiet Man was a 2007 indie film that starred Christian Slater who many of you might praise for his role in the very entertaining film, True Romance. It also has Elisha Cuthbert, who I believe at one was the “it” girl right? She was at least the girl many guys had posters up on their walls of. So mixing the two in an indie film is a pretty strange thing, but it does kinda work at times. I caught this late the other night and since I didn’t fall asleep while watching it I figured it was well worth a review here…I hope you also think that as well.

The Movie
Bob (Christian Slater) is a quiet man. He gets picked on at work and nobody even notices him if they aren’t picking on him. So one day, with a little help from a fish he talks to, Bob decides it’s time to take action. He goes to work with a gun and with the intent of shooting his co-workers. However, someone else has the same idea and as Bob drops his bullet the other pissed off employee opens fire beating Bob to the punch. Taking action after seeing a girl co-worker he fancies named Venessa (Elisha Cuthbert) hurt, Bob shoots the shooter and becomes a hero. How long will this last? Will Bob become content or will he once again snap?

Well I think this movie at least earns it’s art-house stripes, as it’s filled to the brim with the type of artistic stuff you get time and time again in these forms of independent films. Bob talks to a fish, he’s socially awkward, he’s very very weird, and pretty much everyone around him is the same way just in a different form. Now doesn’t that pretty much sum up these sorta flicks to a tee? Everyone in it is probably weird/crazy but since Bob’s character is the worst of all he’s seen as the weakest link in this made up universe and thus is the focus for all the childlike harassment. Given this setting you can let some stuff go, other stuff..well..it’s a little harder to believe.

While I’m sure in the real world Christian Slater and his 90210 (the original one) style haircut wouldn’t make it hard for him to end up with a girl like Elisha Cuthbert, with how the character of Bob is in this film it makes it near to impossible to believe he could get Venessa even when she’s restricted to a wheelchair and can only wiggle her pinky. Now I’ll give the movie credit, they even sorta bring this same question up in different ways. Is she just using him? Her character has a history of using people. Or does she legit have feelings for him? After all, he did save her life. It’s a good question, it’s a sorta interesting situation, but forgive me for questioning the logic of a film that has a crazy man talk to a fish, but it is a little hard to believe..even a little.

As the movie goes along it shows Bob at his lowest of low, highest of high, and everything in between. It also has a few tiny sub-plots along the way, but I still felt slightly bored at times as it moves along. I don’t fault the acting, I don’t fault the logic, I just sorta think it runs out of steam from time to time. It does have a few laughs, probably more of those than anything else to be honest, I’m however unsure if that was the point. It’s a bit silly, a bit artistic, and it packs and ending I’ve noticed a lot of folks are confused with, but I really don’t understand why. I guess I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t too impressed. I guess out of all these types of movies I have seen, this one just sorta seems slightly average compared to them.

The Conclusion
I like Christian Slater, Elisha Cuthbert, William H. Macy, and all the other fine folks you find in this odd little movie, but it just doesn’t really reach out and grab me as something special. I think I’d be willing to watch it again, I’d even suggest you watch it, but don’t look to be blown away by it by any means.

The Rating (6/10)