Honoring The Music of Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare & Black Roses

Director, John Fasano, is know for writing a few screenplays in his time. One of those was none other than, Another 48 Hrs. But in the 80’s he debuted in the film making world with a one-two punch that has went on to be big cult hits among the horror community. Those films were the heavily rock influenced, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare and Black Roses.

With 1987’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, John would cast rocker, Jon Mikl Thor, in the lead role. He would play not only the leader of the film’s band, Tritan, but he’d also double his character as an angel of sorts. One that was there to fight the forces of pure EVIL! Thor, still rocking today, plays the very songs he first sung on the film, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare.

From there, John would go on to make, Black Roses in 1988. In this tale, an evil rock band would be rolling into a smaller town with intentions that are no good at all. It’s then up to a select few to try to put a stop to this madness before all the teens in town have been brain washed or worse! Mixed in with the monsters and the killing of parents, we also got some kick-ass rock songs!

Over all, both films are cheesy fun. They pack monsters and critters that come across more like beings from a hell based Sesame Street, but they are very effective. There is also some nice gore scenes as well, but neither can take credit as being THE top element to both films. That title simply goes to the rock music! Coming to us all during a time period where 80s hair metal was all the craze, the music wasn’t just of the same genre. The music was pretty damn good for the most part. While both soundtracks are hard to come by these days, they have gone on to be big hits and must haves to the same fans that sought after these films so much. It was of course the cult nature and demand of the fans that lead to Synapse giving both very awesome DVD releases. But with all that said, let’s take a moment to check out some of that awesome music!


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