Horrorphilia Podcast #59

No Conry No Cry! I may have not been there that week but you can still enjoy the newest Horrorphilia Podcast!!

Alright its time to sit back, relax, chew on some bozo leaf and listen to the latest Horrorphilia Podcast #59. This episode we review indie movie Black Ice, the South Korean movie Bedevilled, the Austin, Tx based (Yeehaw) Red, White, and Blue, and then we end it with another indie slasher called The Killing of Jacob Marr. Chuck wasnt on this episode, but he was in spirit, as we talk turkey sandwiches, Wilford Brimley, Bob Ross, and much more including a discussion on how bad Birdemic really is. Listen to it here on the blog, or download frome here, Itunes, or your favorite podcatcher. Leave feedback at realhorrorfans@horrorphilia.com, Voicemail line is 512-524-7817, leave a comment or go to the forums.