Horrorphilia Podcast Thanksgiving Bonus Episode

Sometimes in the world of podcasting you run into some problems that you can’t really do anything about. Over at Horrorphilia a few months ago we did a show and due to an odd delay on my end there was question to if it would ever see the light of day or not. Well, somehow and someway it has been edited together and is up now for all of you to check out!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and welcome to our special bonus episode. We recorded this several months ago but due to technical difficulties I wasnt able to edit and release it until now. Theres no Jeremy or Gonzo but we do have special guest host Maryanne from www.spookybrew.blogspot.com, helping us review some fun and not so fun movies. We review the controversial After.Life, the crazy Big Bad Wolf, Let’s (Bore) Scare Jessica To Death, Jeff Daniels in Chasing Sleep and Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond. All this plus Netflix Instant Reviews, more off the wall quotes from Jamie, the first ever segment of Chuck’s Face Off, and we end it with a special Thanksgiving song. You can listen here, download from Itunes or go to our podomatic page.