I Don't Know About You, But I Blame Women.

So just what is the scariest of the scary? The evilest of the evil?? The most untrustworthy creature that you can run into out there?? Vampires? Nope! Aliens?? Afraid not!..To just lay it all out there for you the answer is WOMEN! Creatures that can bleed for at times days and still not die mind you.

These strange strange creatures that have baffled men for years have also been the main point of trouble in most horror movies you’ll find out there. Want proof?? Well I got your proof!

Be warned, MASSIVE spoilers!! 

In Hellraiser Julia is soo obsessed with cheating on her husband with his brother (who had opened the box) that she goes along with helping Frank do his evil deeds. And all of this for what? SEX!!?? Indeed it was! Not love mind you, just sex. Julia (who is a woman) wanted a roll in the hay soo bad that she not only helped have people killed but she caused her husband his life in the process. Am I surprised? Being a man who has dealt with some pretty shady women, nope..not at all.

Has anyone seen the newer movie Kill Theory yet? If not you may want to skip this because unlike a woman I’ll give you a fair warning I’m about to spoil something…After friends are trapped in a house and told by a killer that if more than one is left alive by 6 a.m. all will die these “friends” don’t take long to turn on each other. After one poor guy goes out of his way to protect his girlfriend in the last few minutes of the film they are lead to believe that they are the only two left and what happens? As this guy is trying to think of a plan the girl he’s been trying to protect..the girl he loves..SHANKS him!! The bitch shanks the guy who has been trying to save her!! Typical?? You better believe it! As the poor guy crumbles to the floor he tells this girl that he would have slit his own throat to have made sure she made it..Does this woman care?? She’s a woman! Of course not!!

The list goes on and on folks. Women played a big part in what happened with Melvin in The Toxic Avenger. A women who just “couldn’t wait” set forth the events in The Prowler. I mean just think about it, how man films have went the way they have because a woman was either, nosy, unfaithful, or just all out mean and heartless?? I know Juno isn’t a horror movie but it should be! I’d bet anything it wasn’t that Bleeker kid’s idea to start with!

Will Smith said it best my friends.. girls of the world ain’t nothing but trouble