I Drink Your Blood (1970)

Well hot damn folks did you know that Satan was an acid head??

I Drink Your Blood (1970)
Directed By: David E. Durston (Manhole)

The Prologue
I’ll admit that before I started buying DVDs put out by Grindhouse releasing I had never heard of the the film I Drink Your Blood, I had no idea what it was until I saw the trailer on another DVD. So while spending that holiday money I came face to face with the DVD of this film and I took a chance on it, and I’m happy I did.

You see what we have here my friends is the very first film to get slapped with an X Rating based on violence alone! Now things have changed a lot since 1970 but I’ll tell you right now it holds up well today. Mostly known as a midnight movie that often played right along with I Eat Your Skin, I Drink Your Blood is a pretty fun watch for one an all..well maybe not all, but you get the idea.

The Movie
Sooo we got a group of Satan worshiping hippies who come into a small town to cause trouble only to run into their own trouble when they mess with the wrong kid and end up with rabies! Of course this brings trouble for everyone all around cause you know not only does that drive humans insane but it’s pretty darn contagious as well! But when you add it all up let me tell friends it’s highly enjoyable!

This stuff here is just soo over the top and bad in a very good way. From the leader of the Satanic Cult Horace Bones who informs us that Satan was an acid head, to the old man Doc Banner who ends up on his first LSD trip, this thing just keeps you hooked. From it’s over the top ways to it’s comedic elements that I’m sure wasn’t suppose to be as funny as they come across but now days everyone is happy that they did come across like they did because it really adds to the charm of the movie.

The gore is here to and I’m not just talking about good gore for the 70’s, this is the nasty looking gore folks. It all blends together in a style that is just soo campy you would have sworn if you didn’t know better that this film was from the heart of the 80’s.

Have I brought up yet how fun it is to watch people infected with rabies run around foaming at the mouth all the while being afraid of stuff like water? Because I’ll be damn if I wasn’t on the verge of going to sleep when I popped this movie in yet it woke me right up! So add this in with the so bad it’s good group of films folks. If you can appreciate stuff like Pieces you should have a field day with this.

The Conclusion
Well this movie here isn’t the most well known movie in the world but that’s a darn shame because it’s very much worth hunting down and watching in it’s uncut glory! If you can’t find it uncut then don’t even bother because I’m sure that would hurt the over-all effect of it.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this so I took a chance and I’m VERY happy I did.

The Rating (7.5/10)