I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

All men are evil bastards..if you didn’t already know.

I Spit On Your Grave (1978)
Directed By: Meir Zarchi (Don’t Mess With My Sister)

The Prologue
When I first saw I Spit On Your Grave aka Day of the Woman, it was the winter of 2004 and I watched it on a very old and very crappy quality VHS. I was shocked my Uncle even had it and I had heard of it and wanted to see it but I had no clue just what I’d be seeing. What I saw was hard to watch and if you didn’t know it was coming ahead of time it was very shocking..heck some of what you see is shocking even after knowing what is suppose to come. The long rape scene bugged me so much I hit the fast forward button once or twice as well, something I never do when it comes to movies.

So now in DVD form I figured it was time to watch this movie again, and this time no fast forward button.

The Movie
So a female author heads off to be alone and write her first novel when she is attacked, beaten, and raped, by four men. Then she seeks revenge on those men. That’s really the simple way of putting into words what you get with I Spit On Your Grave but you really get a lot more with this movie than just that. Now what you get isn’t at all easy to watch but that’s probably due to how realistic it is, and lets be honest if something like this really happened (and it often does just minus the woman’s revenge) it would be just as awful to see. And if it’s this awful to see just think how the poor woman going through it feels?

When it comes to this movie a lot of people simply hate it, even Roger Ebert often said it was the worst movie ever made, then again no offense to Roger but that man was often full of shit. Female viewers hated it because of how the movies showed “weakness” in women. I must ask, are you watching the same film I saw?? Jennifer never once comes across as a weak or helpless woman, she’s an effin’ fighter! Until it’s four on one and she just can’t fight anymore, or until she gets knocked for a loop to the point this woman can’t defend herself she’s trying her best to fight back, that isn’t weakness, that is BAD ASS! And that doesn’t even take into account what she does later on for payback.

Some want to say that Jennifer asked for what she got by “flaunting” herself to the men before the rape happens. I beg to differ because when she goes to the gas station her dress is a very appropriate dress that even comes down to the knees. And she only lays around in a bikini and what not when she thinks she’s alone. Sure one could argue she made her only real mistake in this movie with her conversation with the towns “special” delivery boy Matthew but how could anyone have known Matthew would end up setting up what happens later? He does seem rather harmless doesn’t he? But keep in mind what happens next is only happening because the other three guys want to get her FOR Matthew.

And what is to come next is what makes a lot of people hate this film. If you count the moment they capture the boat Jennifer is on as the starting time of the torment, torture, and rape this women is about to suffer it goes on for a total time 25 minutes and 14 seconds, a time that feels like an eternity when watching. Of course after you see this woman go through all she goes through you’ll be ready to cheer on every awful thing she does to these guys in return. Brilliant film making, hard to watch, but brilliant none the less.

The Conclusion
The only pretty thing about this movie folks is Camille Keaton who should have gotten a freakin’ Oscar for her performance here. I don’t care what anyone says the movie only works because of her and she needs to be praised for it.

Oddly enough a lot of women hate this movie and I don’t understand why because this movie is all about the woman in general! She doesn’t whimper, she doesn’t beg, she takes what happens and she returns to kick ass. You also notice every male in this movie is a bastard. And maybe we all are bastards..not to THIS degree..but bastards none the less.

The Rating (7.5/10)