In Honor Of The Friday The 13th Remake!

One year ago..well OKAY one year ago on the 16th of this month, which was technically two days ago, the remake of Friday the 13th hit the shelves with the “Killer Cut”. Now me being the big Friday the 13th fan I am I ran out there and I snatched me a copy of it since I hadn’t gotten the chance to see in in theaters to spite having a free ticket.

And well, the remake wasn’t the worst movie I had ever seen but it for sure wasn’t the best. Matter of fact, it wasn’t just “not the best movie I have ever seen”, it wasn’t even the best Friday the 13th movie I had ever seen. While none of the old movies outside of maybe three were ever really “good” most had their moments. And while the one track-minded characters might have worked in the 80’s it didn’t work as well in 2009.

However, the movie did do one thing right and that was give us the best sex scene in Friday the 13th history!

What we have right here folks is the start of the action as Bree (Juianna Guill) is about to mark her territory on Trent (Travis Van Winkle) who as you know was a rich asshole who was asshole to his girlfriend in the movie. Who is busy running for her life at this very moment if I’m not mistaken.

What is about to proceed here gang is maybe the best sex scene in a horror movie that wasn’t intended as a late night Showtime movie! While you just know going in you will see something like this, you never think you’ll see it to THIS degree!

Oh it must have been a hard day at work for Mr.Van Winkle filming this scene I’m sure, but just think in the movie during this time one can’t really blame Trent for having no clue where his woman was after all, the only thing he knew was she took off with another guy! So just forget the fact he asked for it, that’s just wrong bro!..But still, you have to think that for a moment he may remember he had a girlfri…

Oh wait!! Never mind that! This chick just pulled out the camera so he has no idea who Jenna is at this point I’m sure, and let’s be honest folks..who could blame him??

But sadly, while you may very well like the boobies in the movies, one person who doesn’t is Mr.Jason here who isn’t too pleased with what he just saw through the window..As a matter of fact he’s soo pissed he goes and offs an Asian dude and a black dude while these two still go at it as the scene keeps going and going..But one can’t blame Jason too much, he’s probably by this point like a 30 year old virgin and he has went through the trouble of kidnapping a girl named Whitney for some loving I’m sure, but the girl won’t feel the same way he does..poor guy 🙁 …Speaking of her, she finally breaks free around this time..

She actually makes it to the house for help but these two are just starting to wrap up the show and understandably have no idea there’s a world outside much less a crazy killer in a hockey mask. I mean they didn’t even stop for his girlfriend when she tried to beat the door down so why stop for this person right? Might as well let Jason have her.

And….SCENE!!! Shoot might as well fade to black and roll the credits right here. I don’t even smoke but after this look back at the best part of the movie I may just need a cigarette.