Insidious (2010)

Well, I’ll admit it was a lot better than I figured it would be..

Insidious (2010)
Directed By: James Wan (SAW)

The Prologue
Well we got ourselves a bit of an old fashion horror film in, Insidious. This being a film from the man that directed SAW, James Wan, I’ll admit I didn’t know for sure what I’d get. You have SAW which is all about the blood and guts more so than anything else. But this here isn’t in that nature at all. I’d dare say that in points of the film, I felt as if Insidious touches on a level that could be in the same area as stuff as The Shining. But there was just enough small things that came together to knock it back off that level and back into the “just very good” category. Which isn’t a bad thing either ya know?

The Movie
The Lambert family have just moved into a new house and it would appear as if things have already started to fall apart quickly. After falling off a ladder, their oldest son, Dalton, goes into an odd coma that has even the doctors baffled. You see, nothing that came from the ladder fall is enough to put the boy in a coma. Things seem to take a sinister turn when other crazy and none-logical things start happening in the house. Is Dalton really in a coma, or is what is going on something far more sinister and frightening than they originally thought!?.. If you guessed the last part of that there, ding ding you are a winner.

If there is one thing this movie does really well, it’s that this film moves above all the gore that most people (including me) love and just sticks to the original meat and potatoes of horror. What that means is simply it keeps things scary and built a legit creepy atmosphere and with that and the help of jump scares, it forms a very creepy vibe that lasts for most of the film. So it helps it’s self out greatly by being really creepy instead of really corny like most other films that dip into this territory. I also liked how at times, as the movie builds tension, the camera seems almost uneasy it’s self moving in an almost pacing fashion. It’s a nice touch.

PG-13 horror usually sucks. But this film, for once, doesn’t need a ton of foul language and gore. I was both shocked and happy to see it do what it did so well, but that’s not to say the film doesn’t pack a few flaws that kept it from going up into a grand level in my eyes. For one, during the middle of a film (and I’ll be vague so not to spoil anything), we are introduced to two characters that are apparently our comedic relief. Sadly, as much I want to like these two, they come at a time of the film when all is very serious and they just seem to hurt the flow and come across very awkward in the film. If you want an example of what I’m trying to say, think of a great old horror film like The Exorcist. There wasn’t much comedy there now was there? Imagine if a couple cooky characters played by Chevy Chase and Steve Martin showed up half way and inserted some comedy into it. Now maybe these guys weren’t THAT over the top, but it’s as awkward as it sounds and it was something this movie didn’t need at all, especially at the time of which this happens.

But thats really my only MAJOR compliant, but still it was enough to drop the score a bit in my eyes. I really did love the rest of the film, including the cast and I enjoyed the acting, even from the kids too. There’s a lot that may need to be paid attention to at different parts of the film for you to fully understand some things that happen later, but it’s a bit of a throwback that I liked overall. I wish more films like this were made now days. I’m aware that’s odd for a known gore fan like myself to say, but it is true. I do kinda also wish they’d speed a few things up a bit. I liked the character development but I felt a little here and there could have been nipped out. Besides that, and not counting the somewhat predictable and disappointing ending, I really enjoyed the rest. Hands down one of the better pure horror films I’ve seen in 2011.

The Conclusion
Creepy, a little awkward, a little predictable, but ultimately well worth the price of admission. I’d say this would be the perfect movie for a date or a large group gathering where the lights are turned down low. Not sure when the DVD will hit but if you get the chance to check this out in theaters I for sure would, it’s worth seeing.

The Rating (8/10)