Is There A Doctor In The House??

Those my friends were the famous last words of a terrible doctor that went by the alias of Dr.Giggles! Now while I sit through that movie as well as The Dentist it got me thinking about the horrible and evil (or just crazy) doctors I recall seeing in my time of watching horror movies. So below we have a list of doctors you sure don’t want giving you a check up!

Dr.Giggles (Dr.Giggles)
Dr.Giggles wasn’t a “real” doctor but his father was, so that’s close enough right? Well, it’s close enough for him! While Dr.Giggles greets you with a charming uh..giggle..and a witty joke, I don’t think he has ever had a patient live. So even if you have a common cold you might want to skip the visit to his office.

Dr. Alan Feinstone (The Dentist)
Is that tooth you got bothering you? Well if so you may want to go see Feinstone before his women of interest cheats on him again and he wigs out on you! What could start out as a simple cavity could turn into you having a much bigger loss of life.

 Dr. Logan aka. Dr. Frankenstein (Day of the Dead)
With Dr.Logan we reach a group of “doctors” that are more like off their rocker mad scientist. What Dr. Logan was doing at that make shift army base would sure intitle him to such a name as Dr. Frankenstein and if you see this man for any reason you’d have to worry about if he really wants to help you or just have you die in order for him to gain another pig for his lab work.

Dr. Bill Cortner (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die)
Oh Bill loved his woman alright..he loved her sooo much he took her head and kept it alive even when she was begging to die! Now that’s almost the type of doctor anyone needs right!? He refuses to let you die! However, if you are kept alive by him it may just be a single body part instead of all of you.

Dr. Satan (House of 1000 Corpses)
Wow! Hold the phone now! Does this guy here not look like the type of doctor a free health clinic would toss on you if you were in needed of seeing someone fast?? If I wasn’t knocked out and tied to a table in his office he is for sure a doctor I’d walk in to his office, see, and turn around as fast as I could and run back out.

Dr. Samuel Loomis (Halloween)
Now we have us a good old fashion head doctor! And while not really sane by any means himself, Loomis is probably the doctor you want to be around on this list when the poop hits the fan! Still not too pleased? Well look at it like this, he’s better than Dr.Phil.