I've Always Been A Fan Of Full Moon Entertainment

As I have stated many many times before, I spent my youth in the 1990’s being a pretty big Video Store whore. I spent every weekend I can remember renting many many movies and there wasn’t much out back in the day that I wasn’t aware of. Many of the movies I rented had one thing in common, they were all released by Full Moon Entertainment!

Now if you were too young to remember, or if you simply haven’t gotten the chance to check it out yet, let me just say that Full Moon was a horror version of some comic book universe. Titles would come out and get established then we’d at some point or another get cross overs between different films showing that all happened in the same world and making the (Insert name) vs. (Insert name) concept pretty cool well before Freddy took on Jason on the big screen.

It all started back from the ashes of Charles Band’s Empire Pictures when Full Moon Entertainment was born in 1989. Full Moon teamed with Paramount Pictures and Pioneer Home Entertainment for direct-to-video releasing on VHS and Laserdisc (remember those?), and the first release was the feature film directed by David Schmoeller called Puppet Master..I think we ALL have heard of that one right?

Puppet Master would be a big hit and one thing that caught everyone’s eye was a Puppet Master on the VHS/Laserdisc called No Strings Attached which documented the making of the film. Of course Full Moon would have this sorta thing on all of their releases (called Video Zone) and I’m pretty sure this makes the pioneers of what would go on to be called Special Features on DVD and Blu Ray.

On and interesting note Paramount, however, did not believe in the making-of concept, and forced Band to pay for all of the additional tape needed.

Full Moon continued producing its releases throughout the early ’90s (sometimes as many as twelve releases a year) and as recent as 2009, it’s been said  Band hopes to expand Full Moon to a similar release schedule more like the mid 1990’s, with a new release every month. Additionally, the company plans to add sequels to many franchises, including Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, and Head of the Family.

And as many of you I’m sure already know Demonic Toys 2 was released on the 26th!

But I just can’t wrap this up without naming some of the great great titles Full Moon had. We’ve already brought up Puppet Master and Demonic Toys but with Full Moon there was something for everyone!

From Doll Man, to Seedpeople, to Trancers, all the way up to the very popular Subspecies! Full Moon was packed with fun movies to watch. One of my personal favorites was the tale of an alien taking over a rock-n-roll station in Bad Channels, surely some of you fine folks remember that?

Full Moon Entertainment was awesome and was a great part of my childhood. I can’t wait to see their new stuff and see just what they have in store for us these days. Do any of you have any favorites under the Full Moon brand?