Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)

The franchise says “F’ it!” and it works out GREAT!

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)
Directed By: Tom McLoughlin (The Staircase Murders)

The Prologue
So after the killer in Friday the 13th “A New Beginning” turned out not to actually be Jason, a giant sigh was heard throughout the world!..Or at least in the world of horror. So now common sense wins out and we have Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI! A movie that once again pits Tommy Jarvis against the legit Jason. Only this time the film puts a more dark humor twist on the character. And the results are my personal favorite of all the Friday films.

The Movie
Tommy Jarvis (played for the third time by a different actor) is once again out of the crazy house and he and a friend decide it’s best to go check on Jason’s grave to make sure he is dead, thus killing the idea in the last one that he was cremated. So once they pop open the pine box, Tommy in a fit of ignorance sticks a giant pole through Jason’s heart just in time for lightning to strike it and re-animate Jason, thus giving us the first officially supernatural version of Jason and given us a few laughs along the way!

I love this film, and it’s just mostly because you can tell thy knew Jason was becoming a joke so they went with it. Also you should note that playing Tommy here is none other than Thom Mathews, who knows a thing or two about playing in comedic horror films, having played in the greatest dark humor horror of all-time, The Return of the Living Dead. And call me crazy, but I get that same vibe at times with this. Maybe it’s the wink-wink things that happen, maybe it’s the 007-like intro, I dunno. But damn it, I like it.

While Jason is for sure more than just a super strong retard, he also has great mannerisms that I think a lot of the previous versions of Jason lacked. And while most people want to take Kane Hodder as THE Jason, I’m more than happy with  C.J. Graham here. While Kane seems highly pissed and at times frustrated as Jason, C.J. seems more or less amused under the mask, and it adds to the humor. Jason looking at something he just done with the body language that says “Wow!, I did that!?” is good for a chuckle.

While Tommy doesn’t really seem like Tommy, the actor does help and besides him you have pretty much what you’d expect in a Friday film, just the goofy ways of a lot of them go along to help things out. I think the dialogue goes a long way with this one as well, and that’s something you hardly have in a Friday the 13th movie. Sure, maybe the character can be a bit gimmicky but hearing lines such as, “Wherever the red dot goes, you bang.” can be oddly amusing and add to the fun level.

Also while it’s not by any means groundbreaking stuff, it is fun and even has some amusing violence. I recall a man being bent in half, it’s hard to top that in my opinion! I think it may have been a bit of a lost opportunity and a miss by the film adding in the kids at the camp and all that due to the fact it doesn’t really go anywhere, and no kid ever bits the bullet! But a minor complaint for a film that I feel is just extremely entertaining…Get that joke there? A MINOR complaint? I’m talking about kids??..Yeah, anyway…it’s fun so see it!

The Conclusion
Well it’s my favorite one out of all of them so I’m not sure what that says about me! I think it’s one of the handful of essential films in the franchise you should see, right up there side by side with part 4 and just over the original. Now one of the worst (not the next one) was still yet to come in the series, but “Jason Lives!” isn’t too bad at all.

The Rating (7/10)
The Rating (8/10) *Updated on 08/01/11