Let The Right One In (2008)

Believe the hype!

Let The Right One In (2008)
Directed By: Tomas Alfredson (Four Shades of Brown)

The Prologue
“Best Vampire movie ever”..That’s what you see when you look at the case for the Swedish horror film Let The Right One In. And that’s a pretty big statement to have isn’t it? I was late to the party seeing this film but now after seeing it I can surely believe all the hype I’ve heard about it and now I fully back that hype.

I don’t even think you have to be a hardcore horror fan to like this movie, I think it’s soo well made that anyone who just loves movies will love this film.

The Movie
Oscar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl who turns out to be a vampire. And when it says Vampire it means Vampire, I’m pretty sure Eli (Pronounced how we pronounce Ellie) may have a reflection and I don’t think she turns into a bat but every other Vampire rules is followed pretty darn well.

If there has ever been a more well made vampire flick then I can honestly say I have yet to see it. Near Dark was good, The Lost Boys was great, but if you’re looking for a movie dealing with Vampires you’d never find one more Oscar worthy than Let The Right One In.

What you get with this movie is a haunting tale about a number of different things, not just vampires. It deals with loneliness, friendship, romance, awkwardness, dealing with growing up, as well as dealing with the burden of growing up in a broken home. If you ever felt at any time like you didn’t fit in then you’ll be able to relate to someone in this film in one way or another and that’s before you even get into dealing with any of the vampire stuff.

Both Oscar and his Vampire friend Eli are very awkward people. Oscar lives with him Mother and has not a friend in the world at school where he is always picked on. Eli is a 200 plus year old vampire forever stuck at age 12 and as you could guess that doesn’t leave room for much in the way of friendship. Eli isn’t really evil in this film, she just does what comes natural. Oscar at times hints towards leading into a possible violent future but the two come together and bond and seem to help one another out and help each other to  with deal with all that they have in their way. Sure at times it may come across as awkward but these are two awkward kids remember? So in that way if it seems strange when they inner act at times that’s because it’s suppose to be that way.

The movie is well paced and well shot, each shot works great for setting the mood and at keeping the cold and dark feeling the movie is going for. While it’s by no means an action packed or even blood soaked film what you get you’ll be satisfied with as the movie oddly enough draws you in without any bells and whistles of a normal Hollywood style film. It’s just simply so well done it draws you in anyway.

You may be a little underwhelmed with the ending you get here but I think it fits the over all feel of the film. I’ve heard people complain about it a bit but to me I had no problem what so ever with it. There are also some things hinted on in this movie that you never get a real answer for an are left wondering about, but to that I just say if it if you want to find your answers bad enough then just read the book this is based on.

But I’m more than sure you’ll be happy with just the movie.

The Conclusion
Had I seen this before I sent in my Top 10 Horror Films of the Decade list I’m pretty sure this would have been #1. It’s brilliant, dark, and charming in it’s own weird way. I just hope us silly Americans don’t butcher it too bad when we remake it this year.

As for the case saying, “Best Vampire movie ever”?…I really think so.

The Rating (10/10)