Lets All Talk About "Intruder"

Lets all talk about the 1989 slasher film Intruder, because someone should damn it! Intruder was the brain child of Scott Spiegel who some of you may know because he was a co-writer for Evil Dead 2. You see Scott is also really good pals (obviously) with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell and it played a major part in the marketing of Intruder.

See there? On both the original Wizard Entertainment DVD release of Intruder and the later Full Moon re-release, you may notice there’s a ton of name dropping. As a matter of fact, I’d say that clearly there’s no real problem with the film, just the blatant false advertising and dumb marketing. You may notice the names of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi really big at the top of the box? Hell, there’s even a picture of Bruce on the back that isn’t even from the movie! Let me make this clear folks, Bruce Campbell is in this film for MAYBE two minutes and delivers MAYBE three lines, but that’s it! Sam (and his brother Ted) are actually in it a bit more, but when I think Sam Raimi I don’t think acting.

So Intruder will lie to you on it’s cover and tell you it’s something it’s not. It tries to trick you into thinking you have a full blown Bruce Campbell movie on your hands, and that’s not very nice. But it doesn’t stop there I’m afraid, the box of Intruder will even lie to you about the minor stuff as well! In the plot summary (Which for the record lies about a sub-plot of an ex-cop trying to find the killer) it stats that the movie stars “Lethal Weapon’s Renee Estevez in the lead role as Jennifer! That’s a lie!!! Renee Estevez plays Linda, not Jennifer and her credit in Lethal Weapon is “(Uncredited) Underage Hooker.” Ooooops!

The movie also screws it’s self in the marketing front as the trailer below actually spoils the twist of the movie! So unless you’ve seen it, don’t watch this trailer.

But you know what? To spite the marketing team for Intruder being liars and morons, the film it’s self is really good. A far better slasher film than a lot of other slashers that are out there and arguable more well known. I’d take it over Madman, I’d take it over Just before Dawn, and I’d even take it over a few Friday the 13th films. And the reason isn’t just because of the great gore the movie shows from time to time, it’s because the movie also has a lot of style to go with the substance. There are very creative camera angles, funny moments (be it some are so bad they are funny moments), and it’s just got a really good feel to it.

So if you have yet to see Intruder I think you should seek it out. No, it’s not a Bruce Campbell movie, but it’s not half bad at all for what it is.